My Hair

is right now in the middle of my back,,, im growing it out till it gets down to my butt:]
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1 Response Dec 28, 2007

Usually I tell the hairdresser to trim as much as necessary but as little as possible! I had neglected it for a while - other priorities - so a few weeks ago I had to lose about 2 inches and it's now sitting about halfway between shoulders and waist. My gorgeous man has beautiful long thick hair. He always pulls it back into a tight ponytail for work (suit and tie kinda job in a large corporation still run by conservative types) and from the front you wouldn't know it was there. I love the way it looks at the back of his suit. His hair is so curly that it sits between his shoulder blades when it's dry but when it's wet, it falls to his waist. I love to pull it partially back in a high plait (you know just the tops la<x>yers to keep it out of his face) and leave the rest free. It took a while to get him to let me dress him up a little and he draws the line at anything other than a thin black ribbon ( although I did sneak some beads in there once). I also wear my hair back - usually in a bun - for work but always loose for him.