Looking 12

I used to have really long hair when I was little. In my pre-teens I got my cut though, to about my shoulders. Then when I was 16/17 I got a short inverted bob. I did that mostly to get the colour out (I had dyed my hair a dark brown - it's naturally blonde), but also to experience short hair at a point in my life when it didn't really matter if it looked terrible. The cut wasn't bad but it made me look 12. I've never looked younger because of my hair before this. Usually I look within a few years of my age. It was a fair bit annoying and I missed being able to do things with my hair (such as braids or even pulling it up). Right now it's roughly to my shoulders, maybe a bit longer. I'm looking to grow it to my mid-back at least, possibly longer. Have short hair made me realize how much I love my hair long.

- K
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1 Response Sep 24, 2011

My hair is a little longer than yours!!<br />
I find that if you massage your scalp when your wash your hair is can make it grow faster!!