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Msm And Hair Growth

Has anyone ever used MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) for their hair growth? I'm currently using it and it works!!!!!! It's a naturally occurring sulphur that we are born with. As we age, we have much less. It's a supplement that is sold in all health stores, pharmacies and grocery stores.

If you have used it, please do share your experience with it..........

If you do your research and decide to try it, be sure not to over do it. Start out small (500 mg) and work your way up. Fortunately it's not toxic and it is also very good for your bones, arthritis, osteoporosis and even better it detoxifies you--that's why you cannot take too much in the very beginning.

My hair length was 17" before taking MSM. After 3 month my hair was 20." (3 inches in 3 months). My hair normally only grows 1/4" per month. This is not a commercial and I Do NOT work for any MSM manufacturer/distributor (or I would try to sell you on a particular brand - lol).

If you want your hair to grow longer use MSM.
If you want your nails to grow longer use MSM.
If you want clearer skin use MSM.

I am just so happy to share this with you because it has taken me years to grow my hair and it has never, ever grown at this rate. I do however wish it would grow even faster/longer because I have a LOT of catching up to do, but I am happy that it is working. I will keep taking it to see how long it will work for me.

Please let me know your experiences or if you plan to use it.

Thanks and HHG (Happy Hair Growing)!
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It's been only a month for me but I am noticing a change in my hair quickly. I can't tell if its growing. But the shedding is definitely less than usual. I am on the 1000mg. I didn't know they had them in the 500mg. I will find that tomorrow. Because the 1000mg is making me sick and I can't have that. I also take biotin. Something my dermatologist recommend I take for my post partnum hair loss. I also do scalp massages which does work. I also put castor oil in my scalp and ends to help with my growth. Its been a year since my drastic hair loss. So hopefully things are back to normal. I really want my long hair again. Thanks for sharing

Hey Inherownwords***speaking of Biotin, I just started using something called, "Biotin Plus Amino" by Global Enzyme. I went into a health store and it was recommended to me by the cashier. At first I thought she was just trying to make a sale, but I'm so obsessed with growing my hair long that I couldn't resist. My nails started growing first (long, non-brittle), then my hair (1/4" in one month). My skin started clearing up also. The 2nd month, I didn't notice any hair growth, but my nails continued to get stronger and longer. I had my hair flat ironed today and noticed that my hair has grown 2" since 4 months ago. (I know it's not very much, but I'm trying). Please keep up posted on anything else that works for you!!

I hadn't noticed much growth with the biotin which is why I added the msm. I read that adding the mms and the biotins together, makes the hair grow really fast. But I will say that while taking the biotins, my hair is a lot thicker and shinier. I can't say much about my skin, because I had to level the biotins to prevent the breakouts. But until I started adding the msm, my skin is very clear. I also heard that your face is the same as the scalp. So if my scalp is clearing up and looking good, I take that as a huge sign that I will be noticing some faster growth soon. Oh I forgot, I am also taking the hair, skin and nails vitamins. But since last night, I stopped because I wanted to get used to the msm and biotins together first. So hopefully doing that, eating more and drinking more water, will make me feel less sick. Because I love what the mms are doing to my body overall and would hate to stop. I probably just need to get used to taking them. I mostly took them for my joints because the winter is the worse. But since taking these vitamins, no more pain. I forgot to take the msm for 2 days, and started developing what appeared to be a yeast infection. Once I got back on the vitamins, the infection seemed to have gone away in no time. I love these vitamins. Did I mention less shedding? Lol... I love love love these vitamins. They work wonders. Try looking up the inversion method. If your hair is growing, then maybe doing the inversion method might boost it up some more. But you have to be real careful when doing it. I tried it only one time and my hair grew 1/2 inch in one week. I don't know why I stopped. Probably to get used to the vitamins first. But I definitely will try again next month. Good luck!

WOW! that is really great to hear! I've looked into the inversion method. I heard that you shouldn't exceed 4 minutes. I've also heard about the GHE (Green House Effect). That's where you cover your hair each night before going to bed and leave it on overnight. That's supposed to open up your pores, provide moisture and stimulate growth. I heard of some folks doing both the inversion and GHE and they talked about how fast their hair grew. 2 ladies said their hair grew 4" in a month. Of course everyone wanted to see pictures and they were telling the truth. They didn't get 4" every single month, but they did during their first couple of months. I stopped the inversion method simply because I was just lazy. It really doesn't take much effort. Maybe I'll go back to doing that tonight. I'm going to skip the GHE for awhile since my hair is now flat ironed and I don't want it to go back just yet lol. Glad to hear about the MSM. It sounds like it's really working for you.

Have you tried garlic capsules for the shedding? I had shedding very bad at one point and heard about the garlic capsules. I get the kind that don't leave a garlic taste in my mouth. After the first week, the shedding slowed down about 50%. After the second week - maybe just a few hairs on my comb (even after I washed my hair). You are right scalp massages are very good. But for me, I can't do them for too long periods of time, because my scalp tends to get used to it and then it's not as effective. I usually massage my scalp for about 5 minutes every night (after applying some essential oils). Tonight I'll be starting back on the inversion method. Would you mind telling me, how long is your hair now and what is your goal? My hair is now APL, but my goal is TBL (or longer). I know it sounds crazy, but I believe with all my heart that it can be done. .... If they can send people to the moon, I can grow my hair as long as I want. .... It just takes, practice, sincerity and patience (unfortunately). LOL

After the hair loss, my hair was below my neck. Now it is past my shoulders, almost past my shoulder blade. Its grown that much in a year. But it don't seem to be growing fast enough which is why I am trying all these different methods to boost it up a bit and get my hair back to normal. I will get back into the inversion method too. The scalp massages are awesome. But I would love to try doing them in lavender oil since lavender is suppose to relax you lol. That's great, your hair is really growing. Keep it up. My goal is waist length. I had waist length hair when I was a little girl. So I hope to grow it that long now. Perhaps in 4 years it will be. That would be great.

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I have been taking MSM for about a month and I have had extra energy and face is even clearer. I recently had a baby and started shedding edges of hair line. Immediately I boosted my intake of water, vitamins, and started MSM. Shedding stopped and hair line is growing back rapidly. So far results are awesome. Will keep posted.

This is exactly what I needed to hear. I stopped breastfeeding my daughter September of last year. And I started shedding three months after that. I just started adding mms with my biotin supplements to boost up the growth a bit. In the past year, my hair grown. But it seems to be growing slower than normal. That is why I added the msm along with the vitamin c. It seems to be working faster than I expected. Which is good. But I am feeling a bit ill, I think from the msm vitamins. So I am going to decrease the dose a bit and see if that will help. Hopefully my hair will go back to its fast growing process soon.

Maybe if you take your MSM with a little food, it might help you with the slight illness - nausea? Also, since MSM is also a detoxifier, be sure to drink as much water as you can to push the toxins through you faster and allow the MSM to work better for you. Best of luck!!

Thank you! I will try that.

Make sure to drink plenty of water. MSM cleans out your system and if the stuff is not flushed out you will feel the effect. Also take with food. My hair has grown a lot since taking it. I have a channel "elematamuk1". Feel free to check it out.

Sorry busy with little is "elenatamuk1"

I read the information about msm. Apparently eating and drinking lots of water didn't work. I was taking the 1000mg. After I decreased it to 500mg, I felt a lot better. But continue drinking lots of water and eating a lot. This week I increased it back to the 1000mg. Now here's the kicker.... People who are starting to take msm vitamins, start at 500mg. Allow it time for your body to get used to it. After that, increase it. The detox is suppose to last for a few days. Drinking a lot of water is key. So if you have no side effects after increasing it, up the dose again. I think the highest I would rather go is 3000mg. I read some people go higher than that. I guess for other reasons. But I read the recommended dose for people who are trying to grow their hair is between 1500-3000mg. But the msm basically decreases shedding and increase the growth phase. Because hair grows based on the phases. There are 3 and I can't remember off the top of my head what they are. So depending on genetics, your hair grows between 2-6 years. I've been reading a lot about hair and growth lol.

Good info...thanks for sharing.

No problem

I will be happy to check out your channel. Will do that. Thank you :)

Hopefully everything is working for you. Congrats on your new baby! Just be sure to drink LOTS of water when taking MSM or Biotin to avoid any breakouts :( Garlic capsules have helped me somewhat with breaking hair as well. Best of luck to you!!

I also just purchased the 500mg of the msm vitamins. I read a little further that if you experience any symptoms like headaches, diarrhea or vomiting, that you may be taking too much. So I will try doing one per day. Hopefully that will make me feel better. I don't want to stop taking them because msm are suppose to be a very good vitamin.

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P.S. like Ravenhorse mentioned, horsetail (silica) is also very good.

I am using a shampoo with horsetail in it. And it has helped my hair growth in the past. And hopefully it will this time around. There's also lavender oil and coconut oil I'm thinking about trying.

Oooh lavender oil and coconut are supposed to be very good. And coconut oil is also a very good moisturizer. I use it on my hair right after I wash it (to keep the moisture in). When I use a shampoo with SLS (for clarifying) I use a little extra coconut oil on my hair - it stops the drying a whole lot! You cannot go wrong with coconut oil.

That's great to hear. I was thinking of using it as a scalp treatment along with a couple of other oils before washes. I just bought tea tree, lavender oil to try. I hope to get real good results from those. Was thinking of using that for scalp massages. I don't want to over do it. Lavender oil is suppose to be calming and tea tree oil is suppose to be good for dry scalp. I need both of those.

You are right. I don't want to overdo it either. I only wash my hair once per week or every other week. The night before I wash it, I put essential oils on my scalp and massage it in. Then I wrap my hair up overnight and wash it out in the morning. I think that the best way to help the essential oils to penetrate your scalp is to wrap your hair in a plastic wrap (some beauty supply stores sell the little plastic caps). I personally use plastic wrap and then I cover everything with my scarf. I'm glad that I'm reading this again, because I keep forgetting to moisturize my ends everyday. I think that lavender and coconut oil would be great for massages. But if you don't plan to wash your hair the next morning, I would only use a very little. Have you seen any progress since our last chat? I hope so. HHG!!

I had to stop using the lavender oil and olive oil because it caused scalp irritation. So I went back to my castor oil, which seems to be the only oil that works for me. I only put it on my ends and edges every 2-3 days, just a little. Because it can get pretty messy. And I massage the castor oil in my scalp every 2-3 days as well. So I'll either do an oil massage or a dry massage. I washed my hair this morning and got some really bad tangles. I know what I did wrong. My hair is very thick. And after I massage my scalp, I have to comb it out because it tangles. I think from the shedding. Well I didn't do that the night before and received some tangles and a little bit of shedding. I haven't been paying much attention to the length of my hair. But I've notice a lot of new growth. So apparently what I'm doing seems to be working. Just need to focus on those ends and keep them healthy. Since taking the msm and biotin, I've noticed my hair is thicker and fully. Also very shiny. I read that you wouldn't notice any results taking the msm unless you are on the 1500-3000 mg. As I mentioned above, I had to decrease my dose to 500mg and start from there. Next week I'll increase it to 1500mg. I am currently back on 1000 and hadn't noticed much side effects. I'm really nervous about the growth. Since I hear it can be very difficult to grow your hair passed shoulder length. I've done it before. So I know I can do it again. It just takes time, I suppose. Have you had any shedding or tangles after massaging your scalp?

@ Inherownwords I used to experience a LOT of tangles until I learned a new trick to fully avoid this. After I wash my hair, I put conditioner on my hair and then comb my hair out while the conditioner is on it. After showering, I rinse the conditioner out (WITHOUT MASSAGING). I just let the water fully rinse my hair. Afterwards, I don't use a towel to massage my hair dry. I use a towel-like cap and wrap it around my hair to soak up all of the excess water. When I dry off and take the towel from my hair, I immediately put about 1tsp of coconut oil over my hair (without massaging) and then comb it through. Results: No tangles :)

Also, I found that the best way to avoid tangles when massaging my scalp is not to move the hair around as much when massaging. I place my finger tips directly on my scalp and move in a circular motion, but making sure not to move my hair around. Keeping my finger tips flat and slightly pressing on my scalp. If there is any tangling at all, then I use my fingers to untangle. Hope that helps!

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Hi guys! It's been 5 months since I originally posted this message. My hair is now 24 1/4" now. (which means that it grew 4 1/4" in 5 months). Can anyone tell me how I can post some pictures so that you won't think that it's all talk? I'm still trying to grow out my hair and I want to share the progress along my journey. Please feel free to share yours as well! I look forward to it!

I am 59 and loosing hair in the top middle section of my head. I wonder if I can take the msm
capsule and mix with olive oil and use as a leave in on my scalp? What do you think?

Hi sayareree! Thanks for joining! I'm not certain how it would affect your scalp-I've never tried that before. I've experienced so much more results by taking supplements internally. My suggestion would be to take the MSM (with water or juice) and massage the olive oil on your scalp each night for 5 minutes and leave in. Also, I've tried garlic pills when my hair used to shed. Hope that helps!

Hi sayareree, I'm sorry to hear about your hair loss. I know the feeling!! Sometimes I use a mixture of olive oil, sage oil, and cedar wood oil. About a teaspoon of each. Mix together, apply to the scalp and leave-in overnight. Wash out in the morning and style as usual. All 3 of these are supposed to stimulate the scalp, stop shedding and increase hair growth. Very good luck to you!!

P.S. You don't have to wash out in the morning if your hair is dry or If you simply don't want to. Since olive oil is a carrier oil, it will carry the other oils to those parts of your scalp that need it most and any excess may come out during combing and/or brushing.

I've tried both Horsetail and used both Mane N Tale Shampoo and Conditioner. The Horsetail didn't work for me. I used it for 6 months. and nothing. I do like Mane N Tale Shampoo and Conditioner, although they didn't assist me in growing my hair any longer. I do like the scent and how it makes my hair look and feel.

Hi GoldenMare! Thanks for sharing.

Hi GoldenMare! Thanks for sharing.