Your Hair Is Your Crowning Glory

My whole life my hair has been slightly longer than shoulder length, thick, and unbearably kinky and course. I can straighten it but It always stays at shoulder lenght. If I don't cut it...well, at least trim the edges then I get tons of split ends. For twenty one years I have never cut by more then an inch and it remains then same. I'm seriously considering talking pills to make it grow.

You have to admit...long hair is just prettier.

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18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Good luck to you.

Really? Biotin? I'll try it.

i agree long hair is prettier... my hair was just like yours until i cut it and then it got all damaged from the flat iron and just stopped growing until i started taking these biotin pills that make your hair and nils grown.. its been working for me and my hair is recovering