Will They Ever Grow?

I felt really left out as a pre-teen watching all the other girls develop and I didn't. It hurt. My entire life I wanted was was rightfully mine ... breasts!

I have an A Cup and have had an A Cup for most of my all life. They are pretty firm and sensitive. I want firm, sensitive and bigger breasts. Nothing huge, just a C Cup will do.

And I am at the point that ... I don't care if they show.

I thought about breast enhancement surgery but that is impractical and expensive. So, I have tried other things.

I have been taking herbs (Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, Red Clover) for half a dozen years now for breast growth. In the last two years I have bought breast enhancement pills (GroBust & Mircacle Bust) and breast creams (Wild Yam) and used them intermittantly. I even do breast enlargement excercises daily. I pray for them and wish on stars for them.

Yes, I want C's and I want them NOW!!!!!

Sorry, a little frustration there after years and years of not having and never getting.

Just my way of always trying to move into my most feminine form.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
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I can help you sweetie

Josie, they say that any more than a mouthfull is a waste. A cups are beautiful. They are more responsive and you can be proud of what God had given you. Just think, you wont be saggy in you old age. I'll bet mine are as big as yours and I love 'em.

you could try natureday I know of at least one girl who is using and it is working I think B cupp is just right giggle<br />
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HMM, I'm on a few bp meds now, wonder if my doc would switch me.

If you take high blood pressure medication, ask your doc if Aldactone / spironolctone might work for you. It's main "side-effect" in genetic males is breast development. I now have fairly shapely (and sensitive) b cups. In fact, several female lab techs have commented on their shapeliness, and ask me if I enjoy them as a man. I actually do, but I always respond with "would you date a guy with breasts like this?"; my question is ALWAYS answered with silence.