I'm Finally Doing It...

I have two goals this summer- loose weight, and something I always wanted to do for about a decade but was way too scared to.

I would never admit it, but I always wanted large breasts. (I am a D cup now.) Mind you, I was brought up in (and still proudly have) a mindset that recognizes the superficiality society/advertising places on breast size. So...this is kinda like coming out of the closet for me.

I'm pretty sure if/when my mom find out, she'll have her (loud) say. Some classmates will give me what for for "falling into a sterotype." And yes, a few jerks I work with will say something crude, but...I want this.

We are taught to be the way we want. We dye our hair. We become part of "a scene." Hell, sometimes we change our gender. Well I WANT to have larger breasts. How is that any different? I'm just being who I want to be.

I started the treatment tonight. Mind you, I only want to go up a few sizes. And you know what? I'm excited.

Besides, when I lose
weight, maybe this will help me keep the bust I already have.
madamedahlia madamedahlia
Jun 2, 2012