Our Totally Disgraceful Snowy Weekend! More disgraceful times in comments! OUCHY LEG UPDATE IN COMMENTS TOO!!

I LOVE this group! I have decided to make being "Disgraceful" a lifetime goal and not just a once and a while event!  I can't be totally disgraceful in real time cause  hubs and I have businesses and need to keep a good reputation but we can totally GO FOR IT on ep!! 

From now on instead of blogging or babbling.....I'm gonna  be disgraceful right here!!  Oh YEAHHH Baby!!  Some of the prim and proper folks thought I was bad before.....All I can say now is.....LOOK OUT!!

I'm gonna start my Disgraceful ways right here and now and share some of this past weekends disgraceful fun that hubs and I had!!

We packed the car and headed to the mountains with snowmobiles, cross country skis and snowboards in tow.  We did all the fun outdoor stuff but never got too tired to come back to the lodge and have wild, messy, loud, kinky and totally disgraceful monkey sex!  That was part of the main reason for going!

We didn't get naughty outside cause it was just too darn cold but we totally messed up the sheets, shower, rest of the bathroom  a spot on one wall and a couple more on the carpet. 
I was thoughtful and cleaned up after us as best I could ....

We got frisky at the restaurant and took it out to our car!  **We did run the heater for awhile to warm it up tho before any of our "fun parts" came out!!** 

Disgraceful fun and naughty frolicking for us!!  Loved every minute of it too!

There was also a cute older couple celebrating their 50th anniversary....  They met on that very same mountain when they were just teenagers!  Such a cool story and couple.  I betcha they're STILL disgraceful  when no one is looking too... cause they both had that naughty twinkle in their eyes when they looked at each other!!

Being Disgraceful ROCKS!!

I am sticking my disgraceful events down in comments....It's easier and I can be so darn lazy sometimes!!
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Oh Sie.....Hugs & hugs for the torn tendon, I hope it gets better soon........I broke a rib years ago at the ice rink.....I didn't want to leave anything valuable in my bag at the side of the rink so I put my purse in my inside jacket pocket thinking it'd be safe there. I crashed into the handrail at the side of the rink just where the purse was !! It hurt for days...weeks even. Everyone laughed at the time cos it just must have looked so funny...all arms and legs everywhere....hee hee
Anyway it seems appropriate to say this here as we're in the dsgraceful zone.....Hubs is gonna rattle your lil bones good and proper now Sie.......you know how the strong prey on the weak...giggles

:D..He totallly "rattled me good" last night!!

Ouchie on your poor rib!! The ninjas at work sometimes crack each others ribs and that is darn painful!! You must have hit that rail going real fast!! I am totally gonna stick to building snowmen out in the yard from now on!! Wayyy safer!

Thanks and hugs fellow disgraceful girl!! ♥

WOW! just WOW!

aww thanks tommy... I lOVE it when I can get you say WOW!! ;) That makes my whole day!! ♥

Dear Rough Guy.... :D

I know you're gonna come in and see I didn't write my new story yet but being I have a sore leg I will have lots of time to write later so be patient I swear it'll be worth the wait...at least I hope it will.... It's funny...I seem to type slower when my leg is ouchy....

To everybody else!!
I totally tore a tendon when we went skating in our back yard and I fell..... Hubs made the coolest skating area just by blocking an area in and running some water over it with the hose. Cool stuff!! Sadly, I was being a sow off and totally wiped out. I'll be fine it just needs a couple of days to heal. I'm soo glad I have some awesome dancer girls who work for us to fill in for me and teach my classes for a couple days......Those girls ROCK!! I will totally have some extra time to hang out on ep now!! There is always a silver lining in the ouchy clouds!! :D

Fair enough--my love.
I will look forward to your new composition tomorrow. ;-)
I am greatly relived--
that you are allowing your--
competent staff to stand in for you--
in order for this injury to heal.
Very wise of you.

What is a --sow off-- ? btw =D
just kidding--
I believe you meant--show off--
Yes indeed--
Your brilliant attempt--
at a rather impossible move--
landed you in a world of hurt--
but not without its rewards.
It does allow me the privilege--
of tending to you--
as you so generously tend me--
when my shoulder acts up.
It is--
of course--
my pleasure. ;-).

god I love you guys . . . thank you for the smile . . . but very sorry to hear of your ouchy leg Sie . . . but I do love your attitude . . . you are AWESOME . . . heal well my friend . . . and keep to it . . . the faster you will be back on your jazzy feet . . . we used to do that very same thing with the homemade ice rink . . . you know . . . WHEN WE WERE KIDS . . . hahahahaha . . . stay young my friends . . . love you's . . . 8D

K, I did mean show off!!! :D I didn't do so well with that act huh???? Aww thanks for being so good with me...You rock rough guy!!

mm how cool you guys made homemade ice rinks too.... I swear....we do have a LOT in common!! thanks and hugs... ♥

Thank you maltesemermaid--
for your always--
thoughtful and kind words.

I am quite relieved you did not do more damage.
You are an excellent skater--
You approached that move--
in a highly questionable fashion--
given the space available.
Caution should always lead courage.
It is my pleasure to care for you--my love.
Indeed it is. ;-)

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I hate that ep stopped informing me about my friends activities.<br />
I'm happy for you and your hubs that you both enjoy winter. I wish it would be spring.

Sometimes they don't inform me of a story too!! I have had that happen about 4 times that I caught so far. Hopefully it's just a goofy glitch that gets fixed soon. I am TOTALLY ready for Spring now too...It has been super cold by me for this whole week and I'm tried of having goosebumps! No outside stuff this weekend...We have to work tomorrow but Sunday is gonna be about total hibernation for us!!

I get not one single update and it's like this since weeks now! :-(

Awww...did you write to the ep peeps and tell them? Maybe they can fix it for you..I would be totally lost if that happened to me cause I always check for new stories as soon as I come in, after I answer messages and go thru comments....

Yes but no reply.

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i just saw the new avatar. smokin!

Aww thanks...K thought the other one was dull and some of my other buddies totally agreed with him!! I like this one. She looks all happy and Valentine-ish!! :D

Not even so much as an--
Honorable mention--
for yesterdays erotic efforts?
I am crushed. =D
I know time was an issue--my love.
I have great patience--
so long--
as you do not dawdle too long! ;-)

tellin cc to stop dawdling is like telling her to quit being cute, it aint gonna happen dude. :0]

Aww K I didn't get the time to write it this morning cause I had a ton of messages to go thru but I swear it'll be up for you to read on Monday...You never come in on Saturday when we work anyways.... I don't intentionally dawdle.......I'm just easily distracted!! ;P

tough girl........ :D

i think disgraceful sounds like not good thing but you make it seem better. i like how you make fun from thing not so much fun. i hope i say that right i read all reply and see you have 2 more story in replies. you should do other story with them. it is all good to read. i like what k say to he is such good man for you. you are like puppy to always want to play. it is good to not keep doing things that are not for joy or comfort. is good you go back to more happy sex tricks to play.

Aww nik....disgraceful can mean something bad but in this group it's just a fun way to rebel against the old saying of a person should "grow old gracefully" It's about having fun and being free instead of living life by some prudes standards!!

You said it just fine!!

I get told all the time that I jam too much onto one thread but the sad fact is I can be soooo lazy with stories sometimes and if I write too many then it is too much for me to keep up with so I jumble it all into one place to make my life and ep time easier!!

I LOVE being compared to a puppy!! hugs and hugs for that! I think we should all be like playful puppies every chance we get!! I am totally going back to our happy sex tricks!! They're the best ones!! :D ♥

Man....I need some more disgracefulness in my life.....*whew*....is it getting warmer in here?....

I think a good dose of total disgracefulness can do anyone a world of good!!
* hands Lelaina a fan......and some chocolate! ;)

Disgraceful monkey sex?? I must be missing something, I've never seen monkeys having sex, but it sounds like it was fun.

Yup..Monkey sex is all arms and legs and all the other good parts going all crazy!! It Rocks!!

I felt a bit remorseful after frightening Sie with the car prank--
just a bit--
The car is fully insured--
I truly had no idea she would take it so hard--
Her eyes are naturally large--
They were the size of saucers when she charged in--
She was speaking so rapidly--
I think I may have missed a bit of what she said.
I simply could not hear over my own laughter-- =D

She extracted her pound of agony--
from myself--
this morning.
she very cleverly staged--
a fraudulent call from my business partner--
She called my phone--
sitting on my nightstand--
from her phone--
while she stood in the bathroom--
plotting ever so deviously--
She rushed in to answer it and of course--
woke me--
My partner frequently does this--
to offer a heads up on what weather conditions exist.
Her dishonesty did indeed--
lend credibility to this deceptive ploy.
I lunged out of bead and hurried about--
I glanced out a window--
saw it was a complete hoax.
I should have known.
I handled her quite appropriately--
for her cunning ways. ;-)

A truce has been declared--
While this was entertaining--
for a short time--
All debts being paid and even.
I grow weary of the planning--
schemes of deception--
when carnal activities could easily be filling the time slots.

I would well rather plan them--
and indeed--
I am-- ;-)

i totally TRICKED K this morning. I had to pat myself on the back for plannin that one!! :D
But we have made peace....Letting this sort of stuff go too far wouldn't be a great idea. Plus it would take all the fun out of it!!

But it was funny to see him all in a big hurry just to look out and see it was all a trick. Then I GOT TO LAUGH and I did.... :D

He totally tackled me and did all sorts of naughty things to me!! I LOVED it too!

Now it's time to get back to being naughty and that's fine by me! I wonder if it's my turn or his???? ;)

It is most definitely--
your turn.

I just went in the bedroom to see if I could roll hubs onto his tummy so I could write something funny on his back for the day and he wouldn't budge.....He rolls onto his back when I get up and just stays there.... So my red headed revenge must be put on the back burner for a while. *bummer* that woulda been fun!!

I was also thinking about hitting him with a snowball to wake him up later... but he is wise to that trick and as soon as I climbed outta bed he grabbed a sweat shirt he had laying near him and put it on....He can be such a buzz kill sometimes!! :O He did that before I even left the bedroom! :D

Now I am thinking I'll go in all excited and tell him we had over a foot of snow so he jumps up fast thinking he has to go plow us out to get too work...... Yeahhhh...that might work..... I'll let you know later how it went.... I will have my revenge on him!! Oh Yes I will! :D

Your stories just gives me that foxy grin. Monkey sex? lol cute.^^

Aww thanks ladyr....Foxy grins ROCK!! They sometimes follow wild monkey sex too!! :D

lol ;D You ROCK actually.

Awww. ♥

you 2 are well on your way to making disgraceful history. wesson oil in all of k's hair? that was pushin on cruel an unusual punishment for both of you. k the car trick was low but it was funny. she will get you, you kno she will. keep it hot kids.

The oil in his hair was a sort of sucky decision on my part and nobody worked harder then me in the whole de-greasing process..... I'm still gonna pay him back for scaring the life outta me tho.....Somethings ya just can't pass off and let go without some disgraceful pay back!!

sounds like you got him back good enough. now get onto some hawt shyt! i like reading about that more!

That stinker of a rough guy I married just got his revenge on me and it was MEAN!! Not funny or cute, but TOTALLY M...E..A...N!! He set me right up this morning...he even just admitted he did that too....

He said we should drive my car in this morning cause it's been sitting for a week. I....being that real thoughtful wife I almost always am... offered to be his driver this morning...so I drove in. When we got to work he was talking away and sort of rushing to get out of the car. Usually he's is all relaxed and easy going...and he usually reminds me to grab the keys.....

Ok...I need to make a confession about now...... I have been known to forget and leave the keys in the ignition..... :( The car has never been stolen but it is a pretty stupid thing to do and I usually do make double certain I have them out and with me when I get out of the car now.... I haven't done this in a longggggg time and only did it a couple times.......maybe about 3 or 4...


He is in a big hurry to get inside so I go rushing along with him. I never gave the keys another thought.....Just about an hour ago, I get done with my last class and he comes over and asks me to "be a love" and go get his extra phone out of the glove box.....Nice, thoughtful me...hops right out there and NOOOOO CARRRRRR!

I nearly had a coronary!! I just knew... in the big rush this morning... I left the keys and somebody took my car... I ran and I do mean rannnn back inside and got babbling on about a million miles an hour to him and what does he do? He has the nerve to WINK at me and say..."You didn't forget the keys....you simply hid my clothes and held me captive yesterday." Then he cracks up laughing at me.... I am a shaky mess about now.......

This was wayyyyyyyy more awful then me swiping his towel and clothes and making him do and say a few fun things to get them back....This was MEANNNN! I was almost tempted to get a lil mad at him but he looked so cute laughing at me I didn't have the heart....Then he went and got me a BIG cookie from the bakery....I'm munching on that sucker right now....So I forgave him for being all CRUEL to me.......

I could totally go all Drama Dancer Girl and go on about, "oh woe is me" like he did but nooooo. I'm gonna take the high road and just wait and stick some Wesson oil in his bottle of conditioner...... * I did that once before and what a bad hair day he had!!* :D I totally paid for that one too cause it took us like 10 latherings to get that stuff out..... He was one greasy ninja that day!!

See what I go thru????? :O When he's good he's a doll but when he's bad he is AWFUL!! and MEAN...we can't forget MEAN...... He was TOTALLY disgraceful and NOT in a fun way!!

You crack me up! You totally have to give him some pay back for that one.

Ohhhh...Imma thinkin HARD on this one....... Yes I am...... This ninja is in for some real payback on this one!! If anyone gets any good ideas let me know!!!

I'll try to think of something. You know us redheads know how to get some revenge...lol. If I come up with something really good, I'll shoot you a message. Wouldn't want him to read it here and get a heads up :D.

Awesome!! RED HEAD REVENGE is exactly what I need about now!!

Oh my goodness.. That was mean but dear god was it FUNNY! I can only imagine the look on your face when you ran back in... It's so cruel to get a persons heart beating out of control with worry and fear... I am sooooo sorry Sie (still laughing)... I know you will get him back when the time is right and yours will be just as funny.... You two are the best at playing together and staying together... We could just call it K&amp;Sie's Play Together &amp; Stay Together Adventures.. Lol.

Aww thanks Dee...Even I gotta admit it was pretty funny......But I still aim to get my own revenge on him!! I even got some "red headed revenge" in mind now!! He better look out! I LOVE that name. I swear I might actually name a thread that!! ♥

liz.....I am soooo glad that someone else does this...I'm also glad you didn't get your car stolen too!! :D LOL @ giggles in pharmacy....That is why I never read stuff on my phone....I totally crack up at stuff! :D

OMG . . . sorry Sie . . . but that was a good one . . . payback is supposed to be a bitchh . . . hey at least he did not keep going with it and nipped it in the bud as soon as you came running back in . . . could have been sooo much meanier . . . but the oil in the hair . . . that one was the best . . . hahahaha . . . awesome . . . . at the rate you two are going I am almost afraid . . . lol . . . play nice you 2 . . . 8D

I am shocked and appalled--
you made a public plea--
to further your treachery--.
I would call--
were it not--
that a truce has been enacted.
That was indeed--
quite disgraceful. ;-/
Perhaps deserving--
given my stunt yesterday-- ;-)

awwwww, not to worry...mm..we totally made peace on this this morning!! We never let the tricky stuff go so far that we really start to get mad at each other. That would take all the fun out of it!!

Looking4.....I totally cheated!! I got some really AWESOME ideas too for next time!! :D

I have to admit... I would have held out telling you the car wasn't taken until about the time you picked up the phone to report it stolen...

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The whole world is a potential bed with new sheets just waiting to be messed up!!

I Love It !!!! Needs to be on bumper stickers and t shirts across America. lol If people spent more time being disgraceful and less time arguing about the nothing stuff, the world would be a much happier place. Bravo as usual to you both Sie.

Now if I could just find me someone to be disgraceful with.......

Aww thanks... hugs and hugs...I so wish you lived by me.... I would totally have you hooked up with a disgraceful man in no time flat!! I still have some disgraceful ninjas that need ninjettes!!

Great story - something I hope to emulate myself, but no monkey's for me!!

Aww thanks.... Monkey stuff is totally not a requirement for being properly disgraceful!! :D

HAHAHAHAHA . . . noone should grow old gracefully . . . I say fight the good fight . . . well done you two's . . . and as always . . . thank you for sharing Sie . . . love you's . . . 8D

mm...You're soo right...We all gotta keep fightin the good fight against graceful aging!! No matter how tough it gets...we will all persevere and make it through to total disgrace!! :D hugs and hugs.....
I am in the middle of a total giggle fit right now ... :D

Spousal Response to Event #1-----

My wife can be a most mischievous imp at times--
A wicked wench of the highest order--
is far more fitting--
one might say--
namely me--

Sierra neglected to mention--
after absconding with my towel and apparel--
she slid a plastic sandwich bag under--
her securely locked--
bathroom door--
with a note--
instructing me to deposit seminal fluid--
in said bag--
returning it to her--
under the door--
before she would even consider--
negotiating my release.
This went--
well beyond--
common disgrace--
and perhaps entered into the hazy grounds of--
rather cruel abuse.
She did offer a few provocative notes to assist me--
I can be quite forgiving.

I will revel--
in my revenge.
Boredom is never a part of our days.

I cracked right up reading this rough guy!! I didn't know if you would appreciate me mentioning that part of the...."event" but you were a total sport about it and passed that bag right back all nice and full.... You're a real champ!!

Good cooperation got you your towel and clothes back too! ♥

Awwwww....you poor abused rough guy...but please tone down the tears or the men activists are gonna start writing me mean letters.....

*NOTE* He was joking.....He never feels abused... He is just being a drama ninja for attention..... He totally manipulates me with this routine all the darn time and I am always goofy enough to fall for it......I might be the abused one here....

*runs and hides to avoid rough guys revenge!!!* :O

Aww thanks but don't be jealous...He's giving me "that look" that says I am in for some serious revenge cause of my lil stunt yesterday.... Life with rough guy can be.....down right...ROUGH sometimes!! :D

LMAO . . . NICE . . . and thank you's for sharing. . . . you guys put the saving GRACE into disgracefulness . . . and who doesn't love that . . . keep up the great work guys . . . hahahahaha . . . 8D

Oh dear oh dear *smiles* you reap what you sow in this world Sie...Disgrace is a comin your way. Someone's gonna get caught with their yoga pants down !! strapped to a car bonnet....giggles
"Oh look there goes Sie....in a slightly different pose to what we're used to seeing !! ;p

edwardsliz....I've been lucky so far!! :D

mm aww thanks and hugs... ♥

Bree, I totally cracked up with all that.... You're gonna go and give the rough one ideas!! :D

I'm laughing so hard! Sierra, you wicked woman!

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Disgraceful event #1!!!

I TOTALLY did a very disgraceful thing yesterday afternoon. Hubs needed a shower after his last training session, cause we were going out to dinner later. I snuck in behind him and snatched his towels and clothes then I left his office door open.... He came out of the shower and realized what I did pretty quick.
He couldn't do back into his office naked cause the main floor to his dojo looks right into his office with the door open! He than had to knock on my door to the bathroom we share from our offices.....I made him do just what he does to me when he tickles me till I can't breathe. I made him say a dozen silly things and then I gave him his clothes and towel back...not before I made him say......" Donald duck is damn dandy.." Ya just gotta know...sayin something like that near KILLED the poor man... :D I totally laughed myself silly the rest of the night over that but I got a feeling that his revenge might not be so fun.....

I'm loving this group! You two are such a fun couple. Seems like you had an awesome weekend.

This group is gonna be the best ever...I can just feel it my naughty lil bones!! I am totally waiting for YOUR disgraceful times too!!

wooooo hoooooooo sie !!! .... so nice to see your story !! ... it was really quiet in here !!! ..... I think this is the perfect place for you to share all of your and K's disgraceful shenanigans .... sounds like a great weekend !!!!

Aww thanks Laffs!! Hugs and hugs..We just can't have the place gettin too quiet! I agree this is the new group for me!!

Let me offer my full support--
with assisting--
all of your endeavors--
in attainment of this goal!
A noble and worthy goal it is!
Bravo--my love. :-)

Not to appear--
I do however feel--
a few more details would move your progress along more swiftly.
Just trying to be of service--
It was indeed a wonderful trip!
Well enjoyed by us both.
I wanted to partake of some carnal pleasures in the snow--
the last time we enjoyed such icy frivolity--
Sierra's bottom became rather chaffed. =D
Since when--
She simply refuses me-- :-(
I somehow manage to survive it--
Oh woe is me--

Awwww..You poor, poor baby. :P All refused and turned away in 22 degree temps....What was I thinking?.... :D I was thinking I like my lil butt unfrozen is what I was thinking!! Any time it's YOU laying in a snowbank or leaning against a big old icy tree and I get to be wrapped in a cozy blanket with my knees resting on something warmer then snow.....I'll be more then glad to take you up on the offer!! Thanks for offering to help tho.....without your cooperation...this goal isn't gonna get too far!! :D You and your details...... pffffft.... *runs fast!* :P

Sierra........Such disgraceful behaviour !!! *puts on Lady Bree's best posh totty voice* One is shocked at your sexual monkey antics.....You're to be congratulated ! lol
How could you not do it outside though...tut tut There's scope here for improvement Sie.......I want Sie prints on the bonnet of your car next time...Giggles

A warm car hood may offer--
just the solution--
we seek!
Thank you kindly--
I will certainly keep this in mind. =D

Bree I totally cracked up at your best Lady Bree's posh totty voice!! That totally rocked for me!! I see K liked the idea of prints on the car....The neighborhood may well feel the outrage of DISGRACE now!! :D

Haha.....yep sounds like this one's on the disgraceful menu for the Slave Girl Princess !....as disgraceful as this sounds I sold my first car with Bree indents all over the bonnet *blushes*

Awwwww how awesome is that!!! "Bree dents"....Heck I hope you charged more with them on it!! I don't think I have ever left a dent on a car.......I am almost 100% certain....This will totally be on the menu.....It's gonna be on K's car tho!! :D

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