Part One In An Ongoing Series ...

I plan to post in this group fairly regularly ... there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, I want to record my efforts in growing old disgracefully. I think this is really important for my own well-being and for my ego ... we all need a little boost now and again ... and especially when we hit the "half way mark" and beyond!

Secondly, as encouragement for other people who might not be as *bold/naughty/foolish/downright slutty as I am (*choose your own description!).  I am allergic to those who think that when people reach a certain age that they somehow lose their urge to be sexual or daring in any way at all.  I don't buy that AT ALL.  

Thirdly, because it's fun ... and where better to share this fun than on EP!?  My good friends on here know me well enough, I hope, to realise that a lot of my posts are very tongue in cheek and I attempt to be funny a lot of the time.

So, I made this group in the hope that those of us of mature years (or approaching them at least) will have the nerve to misbehave along with me!  

By the way, I have a confession to make ... while we're on the subject of being  bold/naughty/foolish/downright slutty ... I often send nude photos to my favourite man on text messages ... and he sends nekkid pictures to me too ... we are both old enough to know better ... lol ... but I LOVE IT!!
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would love to help you out in that endeavour xx

great aTITude from a tall drink of milk!

I'd be delighted to help you womaninbliss. but failing that will enjoy reading your posts and maybe write a few.

This is one of my new year resolutions, particularly as I hit 50 this year :-0

good for you mizz ... welcome to the club!!

hehe, thanks :-) I know I'm going to play around at my friends stag do in a few months. The problem is, we're talking golf here.

oh dear ... doesn't sound like much room for misbehaving ... unless there's something I'm not understanding about golf! good luck with that!

Thanks. I'll shank one in the woods. That'll get 'em going.

oooh how daring! sounds like a start ... am I understanding the meaning of the word "shank " though? lol !!

Probably not, haha ;-)

:D I didn't think so somehow.

Golf is ripe for double-entendres, but that's as racy as it gets, really.

ah yes, of course ... all those holes in one ... birdies and parrots and stuff ... lol

Don't forget the dimpled balls.

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hmmm............. now how do I work the camera on this phone again? ;-p

I think point and click usually works! lol ;-)

Women in bliss don't get old ;)

Well, there are certain things I don't have any control over coolguy, and getting older is one of them .. but I can certainly do something about how I approach it!

That's what really matters!

"he sends nekkid pictures to me too" - oh he does does he?


**blush** yes, he does ... guess his middle name is Naughty too eh?

Been waiting for you.

I was disgraceful already back when disgraceful wasn't cool. Ask around if you don't believe it. =)

I didn't know it wasn't cool at any time ... must have been a long time ago, old man!! lol ;-)

I'm gonna hit 35 this year and being I want to do my more mature years in total disgraceful style I'm gonna get in practice now. Never too early to improve on ones bold/naughty/foolish and downright slutty skills! No one is ever too old to enjoy their body and slutty mind or those of others!!

Screw the chocolate.... I brought a bottle of bubbly to celebrate this group and your up coming series Bliss..... *raises a disgraceful toast to naughtiness and FUNNN!!*

**breaks out the chocolate to share with sierra** ... let's have both chocolate AND bubbly ... lol ... **raises glass**

sounds like a total plan!! :D

Yay WiB !!!! ..... thanks for the group !!!! ..... let's all act out !!!!


I just wanna say, as a woman a little younger than you, you are my hero. I never want to end up an old prude. I look forward to your naughty confessions in here! Love it!

thank you affinity ((Hugs)) ... personally I love feisty older women who misbehave ... always admire that in an older woman ... !!

Me too.. and old men too. My dad grew old quite disgracefully. He was still having fun and as active as his poor lungs would allow him in his 70's. Such an awesome example he was :)

Yes, agree totally ... my friend's mother is in her nineties and she still travels all over ... only a couple of years ago she was in China (she's from Texas by the way - I think they make them tough there!) lol

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

very true ... well said GBS!

My mum made a flight in a hot air balloon when she turned 40, so... have you bungee jumped already or something? :-D

The hot air balloon thing appeals to me ... but not the bungee jumping I'm afraid ... other's are more than welcome to pursue that on my behalf!

I smiled while reading this... you be YOU...I love it!

thank you Rubies ... :D