Ma Wee Birrd

I love her and can'y remember how I ever lived without her in my life.

She's here lookin after me because I'm a wee bit sick,I've been sat here watchin her in the kitchen makin her Mammy's cure all secret recipe soup,although judgin by the swearin in the thickest Scottish accent its no goin as well as she hoped.

She makes my heart beat faster.Its a feelin worth havin and I don'y think it will ever be any different,I can'y wait to start a family with her make a life together grow old with her and just doin everyday things with her brings me so much joy its hard to actually say in words what this wee woman does to me.


annabellef annabellef
26-30, F
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Thanks so much I feel extremely lucky to have her!

This is so sweet... I'm happy for you!

im proud of ye-great job kid!