All the Time...

...but I know I can't do that.. I wish money would just grow on trees so I don't have to work, I'd just be lazy all day lol

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9 Responses Jan 2, 2009

Yeah...and to think I am only in my 20s and I'm already tired lol.. Sorry. I'm just lazy nowadays. It's probably hard to work at the age of 70.. Wow. If a person is that healthy to work then I guess he must be really good..

Two weeks ago I found $15.00 . I bought some little things at the dollar store.When money is in the snow..feels like it was just there MAGIC ! Retirement is 62 yrs.65 and 70 if you want to go that far. Geez..I don't think I can do the 70 thing.I'm very tired of working but we gotta go and earn a living.

Yeah haha I wonder what'll happen if all of us have a life like that :P

everyone wants that life-lol!

@wiseowl, yep. Finding money anywhere would surely get me excited as if I had won something (just like Purpleflower :D). Too bad it seldom happens in real life. Won't you want to retire when you reach 60? :D<br />
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@deftone, oh sorry to hear about your missing wallets. I haven't lost a wallet yet and hopefully not anytime soon. Maybe one day you will find a wallet with lots of money in it and the owner can't be found. <br />
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@purpleflower, haha whatever the amount is, it would surely get us excited if we see a paper bill lying around :D

yaa i always visualize like a 100 dollar bill someone dropped on the road or something. It happens. I have lost a few wallets with money in them.Not to mention my expensive wedding band. How nice would it be to find any of those? It doesnt happen to me though.

I actually dream of finding money, every place bushes, under a stone, on the road. Too bad it will not happen. I'll be working til I'm 70! Sad but true.

Lol it would be real fun if life is like that :D

Hahaha! Me too!