Plastic Pants Blowing In The Breeze

That about describes our clothes line at our cottage in Canada. I would hang them outside for a short time along with my cloth pullup diapers after washing them out. It didn't take long for them to dry out due the usual brisk breeze that passes by our cottage overlooking the bay. The wind would catch the pants just so and they would "balloon" out as a result and take on a puffy appearance that was somewhat cute.

It reminded me of a much earlier era when it was not uncommon to see cloth diapers and plastic pants hanging on the clothes lines. You could tell if the plastic baby pants were for a playmate or one of the local babies or young toddlers by the size of the baby pants swinging in the breeze. You could figure on a chum being a bedwetter if his bigger plastic baby pants were out there for all to see. If the famikly had just little babies and your friend in the family, rest be assured your friend would take some razing over who the big baby panties were for. You couldn't use the flatfold diapers hanging on the line to determine this as prefolds weren't available or not used very often, so the same diapers were used for the kids of all ages. But those plastic baby pants gave it away, pure and simple.

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5 Responses Sep 5, 2011

Yeah, I was one of those kids. I had a brother older than me and he made it plain to everyone those weren't his baby pants and diapers hanging on the line. The next door neighbor also wore them too. I really miss having a clothesline to hang my diapers and plastic pants on now. I also miss being able to go to the variety store and buy them in person. Buying them over the internet just isn't the same.

All my washable bedwetting/incontinence wear etc goes out on the line. No one has ever said anything. I guess no one really cares.

i always hang my cloth diapers and plastic pants out side on my clothes line the sun is better for them then a dryer they last much longer nobody ever said any thing to me about them maybe there uncomfortable to ask me about my cloth diapers always hanging on my line

I am going to put up a clothes line this summer so I can hang my plastic pants out just to see if anyone will notice

I love to see baby plastic pants hanging on the clothes line. Not too many people use clothe diapers anymore, so you don't see diapers & plastic pants on the line anymore. My wife hung my .diapers & plastic pants one time when there was no one around. It was nice to see the baby plastic pants hanging there in the wind & they were mine.