Want To Just Hang Out With You In New Hamshire Or...

A bit twisted at times in an artsy-musicy kind of way.  So... I teach third graders by day, moonlight at night cleaning a preschool in this quaint New Hampshire village, play a little guitar, do a bit of art, write a bit of poetry, and dance like a banshee on Friday and Saturday nights.  I go to bed very late and rise very early.  After teaching and cleaning, I hang in my classroom for a bit and play guitar, do some art, and then I drive the back-roads listening to NPR or music, stop and write in my journal a bit or do some sketching... My time to unwind.  Beautiful.  Peaceful.  So,  always one to push boundaries, I thought, wouldn't my after-work-drive-around, my nightly meandering of the back-roads, be great if shared with a fearless female.  Wouldn't that be a cool after-hours hook-up?!  We could share art and music and talk and laugh and get to know one another.  I know, a bit risky in these times... But, life should be lived.  So, if there is a brave woman, a fearless female, who would be interested in hanging out with an intelligent, creative, and sometimes shy elementary teacher, send me a message and we'll see what happens.  I live in southwestern New Hampshire, close to the Vermont and Massachusettes borders.  I'm going to go clean.  I'll check messages in about an hour or so.  Peace and joy!

dancin dancin
46-50, M
Feb 9, 2010