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the thought of 5 big dicked guys doing me one after another is so hot to me. I am a so called straight male who ***** my own *** with ******. To think of a real **** sliding in my *** drives me wild, then a warm load of *** to follow.......WOW. Then repeat 5 times.....YES, I LIKE THIS FANTASY.
tmafio tmafio
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I like using a ***** also but nothing feels better than the real thing

one of my favorite things to do **** myself with a big *****

Your half way there man, now you just have to take the next big step. I'd gladly take the first saddle up. I'm also sure I could have four of my buds quickly jump up to the line, well probably not so much of a line rather a testosterone dripping free for all. How bout a **** variety 5 pack, no short and skinnys though. A nice grease job w/ my long fingers first should get ya ready and begging. Show the fellas you're ready w/ a slutty little *** wiggle. We're awaitting.

I would love to share all five with you then we swap all that *** mouth to mouth mmm<br />
Louise CD

I like that too. But one in each hole is even better :)


5 loads in your hole ! what a mess !