I Will Probably Regret Telling This...

I have been seeing someone for several months. It is more of a "friends with benefits" situation than a steady relationship. He calls me when he is in town and we will have a night out together. He has spent the night on several occasions. He was on vacation last week and we spent most of it together. Last Saturday before the holiday we went to several parties, watched some fireworks and wound up at a local bar with some of our mutual friends and we proceeded to get extremely drunk. We were all having a great time talking about everything from how to fix the oil spill in the gulf to future goals and plans. At some point someone started talking about the best sexual experience they have ever had. One of my best friends, Susan (who happens to be very lady like, very Christian, not extremely beautiful and married to the same man for over 20 years) told us about her favorite sexual experience. Sue explained that she and her husband had sex with another couple once or twice and her favorite things about it was to watch her husband having sex with this other man's wife while she had sex with the other man. I was in shock! "I would have never expected this from you" I told her. She said "It's just sex. Why not live it up once in a while? Rob (her husband) and I weren't cheating because we were both right there". I sat talking to her for quite a bit her experience.

Tim, my wfb, and I were all over each other on the cab on the way home. I was so worked up from the alcohol and the fun evening. The short cab ride seemed to take hours. We finally get back to his apartment and I am literally stripping off his clothes as we are walking through the door. We were kissing and fumbling for buttons and zippers as we headed to the bed in a drunken stupor when he asked me, " You liked what Sue was talking about didn't you". I was frozen. "What are you talking about?" I asked coyly. "What was it about Sue's story you liked so much?" as he is kissing my neck and fumbling for the clasps on my bra "Do you want to play with another couple?" I answered "Maybe". I was really enjoying feeling his body against mine, his hands on me, my hands on both him and me. "Do you want to play with another woman?" he whispered in my ear. "That could be fun" I answer back. My body was on fire now and he was so hard his **** was throbbing. He started making love to me as he asked " Do you want to play with another man?". "Yes" I moan feeling his rhythm. "How do you want us?" he asked "Do you want to be ****** by us both? Do you want to suck both of our *****? Can I stick it in your *** as you give him head?". "I want it all Tim, I want it all".

The next morning, I woke up first and started the coffee. I was rather sore and definitely hung over. He really gave me a work out that night. A bit later he wakes up, says good morning, grabs some coffee and the paper and sits near me. After a while he asked me if I remembered last night. I said that I wasn't that out of control that I wouldn't remember it. He asked if I remembered the questions he asked me. I could feel myself blushing already as I answer "Yes I remember". "Would you really do that? Would you be interested in having a *********? Because I will make you a deal. If you give me my fantasy, I will give you your fantasy". I ask " What is your fantasy?". It was his turn to turn red now. "If I can see you with another woman, I will bring another man here and you can do what you wish with us both. I can put this all together if you like, I know the man and I can get the woman at any time. I am not pressuring you you don't have to do this. If you tell me now, I will never mention it again." I sat in stunned silence. A very large part of me wanted to say lets not talk about it anymore, but I could hear Sue's words ringing in my ears "It's just sex, why not live it up?" I told Tim to make the calls.

To be continued...
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keep up the good sex let the **** go


I would love to hear the rest of the story.....

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I hope the rest is the DOING all those things.<br />
<br />
I think women's bisexuality is very common and natural and you having two or three men at the same time.<br />
<br />
Don't get too drunk, more fun with a small amount of alcohol and a large number of men.

execelent story

Hot and the heat lingers in me as I read the rest of story - you great one at it!

This is great. Being so open with the hubby. How to get my wife to open up like that.

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