I Will Probably Regret Telling This... Part 2

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"I have just one stipulation" I said to Tim, "I want my fantasy first. I don't want you backing out on our deal". Tim looked at me with this little half smile and narrowed his blood-shot eyes and said "We will pick you up at 8 tonight. You should go home and rest."

I gather my clothes and head out the door moments later, trying to look sexy but I probably looked like I felt, nervous as hell. I had 9 hours until "date night". I started making a mental list of what all I needed to do, what I would wear, was my house all clean? should I change the sheets? Do I have time to get my hair done? Will we be going to my house? Get a grip Bobbi I tell myself. Start with a shower and clear your head. I knew my house would be clean... it never gets dirty anyway and the sheets would need changed after tonight anyway so that will wait until tomorrow. I took two tylenol showered and rested for a few hours. I woke just before 7, two hours later than I wanted. I had decided to wear a short black dress with black thigh highs and black stilettos I wore a simple diamond necklace and matching earrings. I was nervous like crazy. I had no idea what to expect when it hit me that I would be having sex with a complete stranger! I know nothing about this guy! The doorbell rings and my heart stopped.

I greet Tim at the door and kiss him hello. "Nervous?" he asked. I smiled and said "I think I'm having second thoughts". He takes me by the hand and tells me "It's just dinner and a few drinks, if nothing happens it's fine. No pressure". No pressure my *** I think to myself.
We walk to the limo he hired to take us around that evening. As we get closer the door opens and out steps this gorgeous chocolate skinned dream. He was SO tall 6ft 6 at least and muscular and so sweet. "Bobbi, this is Shawn. We went to college together". Shawn took me by the hand and helped me into the car. I sat between them on a curved corner seat. I was entranced by Shawn and all smiles as Tim, Shawn and I talked. Shawn is a recruiter for a college near-by, He never married and apparently owes Tim a favor. Tim pours us all some wine and we start getting to know each other. We get to the restaurant, have a light meal and drink LOTS more wine. By the time we get back to the limo I am definitely ready to get things started but I don't want to be the one to start it. I sat in my corner seat between the two of them again. We are all quiet on the way back to my house. The tension in the car was so thick the driver could probably feel it. Tim made the first move by taking me by the hand and asking me how I felt. I look at him in the eyes and lied "I'm fine". Shawn says "Yes you are fine. Tim is lucky to have such a fine girl like you". I blushed, said he was sweet and I put my hand on his leg. Shawn put his hand under my chin and tilts my head to meet his face as he leans in for a kiss and Tim starts caressing the inside of my thigh. I break the kiss from Shawn and lean over to kiss Tim while Shawn's kiss was still warm on my lips. As I am kissing Tim, I slide my hand up Shawn's leg to feel his package and as I suspected Shawn is huge all over. I wanted to get Shawn's **** out of his pants and see this thing close up but I felt the car come to a stop and Tim announces "we're here".

We were back at my house. I was fumbling for my keys as we got out of the car. I didn't want to waste anytime fooling with the door, I wanted to got back to business. I get the door open and invite my guests inside. Tim heads right for the kitchen for more wine and Shawn and I get cozy on the couch. We start making out again and Shawn undoes his belt and pants. Tim walks in with the wine as I am pulling out Shawn's **** and sits directly across from us getting full view of the show. Shawn starts kissing my neck and I lock eyes with Tim. Tim is sitting back in the chair rubbing himself through his pants and smiling like a mad man. I unbuttoned Shawn's shirt and pulled off his tie, Shawn started undoing the zipper on my dress and Tim undressed himself completely. I had to stand up to get completely out of my dress and Shawn slid it right off. I grabbed a glass of wine and took a big drink of it. I walked over to Tim and knelt in front of him. I have never wanted to suck on a man as I did right at that moment. I could hear Shawn taking off his clothes behind me. he was caressing my back and shoulders and *** as I sucked on Tim. I leaned up and turned so I could take Shawn's **** into my mouth. Tim got up after a moment and stood beside Shawn and I took turns sucking on both of them. Tim suggests going to the bedroom after a few moments and we all head upstairs. Tim starts kissing me as we were standing beside the bed. I wonder if he can taste Shawn's **** on my lips and tongue and get even more excited. I lay down on the bed and start sucking on Tim again as he is kneeling by my head. Shawn starts sucking on my toes and starts kissing his way up to my *****. Shawn eats ***** like nobody I have every been with before. He knew just what to do to me and in no time I was *******. Shawn laid down beside me as I was catching my breath and I was still stroking Tim. Shawn's **** was begging to be sucked and I needed to return the favor he just gave me. I got on my hands and knees and took Shawn's **** into my mouth. I tried to take as much of him in as I could. I could deepthroat Tim pretty easily but Shawn was a different story. I could just barely get past the head of Shawn's **** but I was trying to go further. I guess Tim knew what I was trying to do, so he decided to help me out my getting behind me and ******* my ***** while I sucked Shawn's ****. I wanted to *** again when Tim stuck his **** into me. Tim was ******* me incredibly hard and I was trying not to gag on Shawn's huge ****. I got more of Shawn in my mouth than I ever guessed I would have. Tim started playing with my *** and that feeling sent me over the edge again. Tim loves anal and I indulge him. It's not long before Tim has my *** lubed up and is sticking his **** in there. I reach down to rub my **** as I am stroking Shawn as I feel Tim start ******* in my ***. I felt Tim's spasms behind me and I wanted Shawn right then and there. I told Tim to go shower quickly because I wanted him again. As Tim excused himself, I got on top of Shawn. It took me a minute to take all of him in but I was able to. As I rode Shawn, I could feel Tim's *** still on and in my ***. I don't know how much Tim left in my *** but it felt like gallons. Tim came back from the shower and watched me ride Shawn for a minute or two before his **** was in my face. I was swallowing Tim's **** completely and full with Shawn's ****. I heard Shawn ask Tim for permission to "**** her fine ***". I froze. There was no way I could take that monster in my ***, not with all the lube in the world. Tim said " Come on Bobbi, just the tip". I said "Ok but if I say stop you better stop". I got up off of Shawn and got into the doggie position again. Tim knelt in front of me. Shawn was lubing me and him up. I took Tim in my mouth again as Shawn started sticking his **** against my ***. *** must be a pretty good lubricant because Shawn was buried in my *** in no time at all. My head was swimming. We were a tangle of bodies and I was enjoying being used. Shawn asked if I wanted anything else and I decided to try having both of them **** me. Since Tim was clean, I wanted Tim in my puss and Shawn in my ***. Shawn pulled out of me (which is an amazing feeling to have a **** that size come out of you) and he laid on his back. I saw his **** covered in another man's *** and was ready to *** again. I stuck Shawn's **** back in my *** and laid back on him. Tim got between Shawn and my legs and started working himself into my *****. The feeling took my breath away. I could not do it like this for long. Thankfully Shawn started to come almost right away and Shawn's moans was enough to send Tim into another ******. Tim soon rolled off of me and I rolled off of Shawn. As I lay between them I felt so spent and so dirty (but a good kind of dirty) than I have ever felt before. I was covered in sweat, full of *** and completely satisfied.

There is still more to this story. Part 3 is on it's way!

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