I Will Probably Regret Telling This... Part 3

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The stories I wrote prior to this were all a dream I had recently and I decided to share it with all of you. It was the most amazing dream and so vivid when I woke from it I could swear it was real.

My mother drilled her beliefs into my brain when I was young and I can still hear her voice in my head to this day. "Always a lady, Bobbi. Always a lady" I have decided that being a lady and being a sexual being are two totally different things and it is definitely possible to be both.

I am sorry that I played this little joke on you but I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I am going to make an effort to not be so prudish and share more of my stories and maybe I can finally accept my sexual side instead of trying to suppress it.

I'd write more but I really must be going. I have a date tonight. His name is Shawn ;-)
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Lol...I love that...I have a sense of humor and think this is pretty cool.

Wow. Great imagination! Thank you so much for the story. Bit sad that it didn't happen, or have you made it happen since? :)

I was longing to hear what exactly happened next ad you lay there full of *** and sweat with two guys beside you. Please do write up what you fantasise happening next. Or should I write it and message you?

Such a hot story, Bobbi... Thanks for the memory. should keep me up all night... ;-)

Wonderfully done!!!!!! :-) xoxo

You are a very naughty tease!!

The reality is likely to be very like the way you imagine it.

Kissing your husband after having had another man's **** in your mouth will make you feel deliciously naughty, while being penetrated at both ends will put you in heaven.

I look forward to reading about your 'date' with Shawn

Loved the story Bobbi...and the honesty!<br />
<br />
great writing. :)

Excuse me? Tim said he wanted to watch you make love with a woman, or is my 'oldtimers' kicking in here.

It was a fabulous story - I really enjoyed it - thank you

I think I'd be ok if I never made this a reality but it is lots of fun to think about.

Was a good story, hope you can make it a true story someday.

I really thought it was real...i got a real hard on because i can picture out whats happening with the 3 of you pleasuring each others body inside the room....I dont believe you...it was REAL!

I am learning about my sexual side!! I would be happy to share and enjoy together with you in anyway you would like!! Love the story!!

Ok...we are waiting...let's hear it all...dc :-)

Thanks Nudy! I'd post a story about the date but I really need to get to bed.