Unexpected *********

Last weekend my wife was in our room watching a movie while and i was sleeping next to her, tired from the work week. I woke up to my phone ringing but before i could see who it was my wife answered. It was my friend calling looking for ride from the bar. I could hear my wife say she was on her way to get him. i didnt think much of this and just went back to bed. The next thing you know my friend is in my room drunk, waking me up-calling me out for not going out that night and on and on...
He said if i didn't wake up and drink with him he was going to take kristen to the next room and **** her. I laughed and told him just to do it right here, see if i care. I didn't think he would take me seriously but the next words out of his mouth were ok lets get naked then. Kristen looked and said she was pretty horny and kind of upset her and I didn't **** that night. It didnt take long for clay to move in and sit next to Kristen on the bed. She was wearing short athletic type shorts and a t shirt with no bra. I told Clay her clothes werent going to fall off by themselves, to which he stood up and told her to put her arms in the air just like the picture. She obliged and he lifted her shirt in the air exposing her bare breasts. Next she laid down next to me as he pulled off her shorts and started licking her naked body, starting at her **** moving down to her *****. She laid next to me making out with me as he went down on her for what seemed like forever. Next he took off his pants and stuck his hard **** in her. Gasping for air she took his whole unit, he was drunk and not in the mood to be gentle. She moved on her side a little bit and pulled my **** out of my boxer hole, and started giving me head. My friend ****** her for a few minutes like that and told her to switch positions and suck him off for awhile. She told him she'd do what she wanted and flipped over sticking her *** in the air, inviting him to take her doggystyle. He was ******* her as hard ive ever seen someone ****** before. She couldnt even keep her mouth around my **** because he had such control over her body. He mustve destroyed her *** for a good 5 minutes before he pulled his bare **** out and threw his *** all over her ***. Slapping his **** on she back of her butt as she lay there helpless, naked, *** in the air waiting for him to wipe his *** off her. This was the first time i took a look at his unit and he was ******* hung. It was a **** star **** that went on for ever even after he was turning soft. Now i knew why she was having trouble doing anything but taking his giant ****. He got dressed thanked both of us and went to bed on the couch. When he left the room i expected to **** her but she said she was so exhausted from Clay she would just give me head and go to bed. She did, and then she passed out naked with his dry *** still on her back.
The next morning i woke up to her moaning, when i walked outside she was riding him on the couch without my permission. She just smiled and said she had to have his **** again. After a few minutes of her bouncing on his **** she suggested they go to the shower. Butt *** naked the two of them walked past me into the bathroom. I followed to see the action. By the time they got into the shower with the water running he had lost a little but of his hard on so she took to her knees, **** in hand and started licking the inside of his thighs up to his balls. Eventually she made her way up to the **** and got him going again. They ****** against the wall for a little bit before he bent her over. She was touching her toes practically and he gave her the **** as hard as he could. the next thing out of her mouth surprised me....the told him to just come inside of her! she had never let anybody else do that before but he did. Afterwards she told me she just didnt want it to stop. Something tells me we will be seeing more of clay around the house...
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5 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Your wife is a marvelously open-minded lady. Make sure you treat her well.

Clay got free taxi service and lots of hot ******* to boot. From the way it turned out, you could she was not complaining a little drive. Hot story! :-) dc

Great story! Sometimes the best things aren't planned or even thought of. And sometimes a smart-*** comment meant in jest or just as a joke can bring unexpected results, as you may just be called on it. Sounds like you had almost as much watching as she did riding. Hope you ended up joining them in the shower and I think you're right... you two will be seeing more of your buddy... in more ways than one. <br />
Hope Kristen considers returning the favor by inviting one of her hot girlfriends over to join you two so you can experience two hot ladies... but if that should happen remember... they both should be the center of your attention and their pleasure your utmost goal.<br />
Sounds like you both have a great marriage. Rock on, you two.


great story. wish my wife was that easy to convince!!