I Want a 3some

I would love to have a 3some with my wife and another man.  It hasen't happend yet.  I'm trying to figure out how to help her to open up to the idea of another man having sex with her.
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my wife and me did it last month..... it was sooooo nice, was an incredible moment, at the end she had a smile thet even now is imposible to erase... (so i am)

#1...go slow....Start with a **** movie with 3some sex and see what her reaction is....later bring up the movie during your lovemaking...you may ask her how she would like to be the woman in the movie with 2 men....later use toys..role play...during your lovemaking....over about a year this worked for me/us...<br />
one night a friend was over and we were in my home office...he found the **** movie and started watching it while I worked....wife stuck her head in to see if we needed a beer...when she came back with the beer she only had on a nightie...talked about shocked.!!!...soon she and my friend were ******* and we never looked back...she has had many lover over the last 17 years....<br />
<br />
I planted the seed but it was her idea to get us started..

I've been involved in a few ********** mfm. They were very comfortable and so relaxing. Sex with a woman and another man is so invigorating when done with no committment just fun just sex. It's great. I hope you get to try it.

I,ve been involved in a few ********** mfm and they are great. It's so much fun and sexy and pleasing. You feel so relaxed when you give and receive sex with no commitment, just fun, just sex.

The only advice I will give give is make sure it is fun & everyone undertsands it is sex for fun...no attachements, no emotions, just scratching an itch. <br />
I would rather have my wife banging other guys than have her secretly emotionally hooking up...

wish my wife wiuld consint this would be so erotic but no chance at this time

Hi<br />
It will never happen unless you make it happen. Dont make it all about sex at first, you have to know and trust then things can go from there.I know I would not go to bed with a stranger, even if my husband was right there, if we were all friends and I knew what to expect, and had no fear then it would be fun and ooooooo so sexy....lol

keep trying but not with a friend.. let her chose when and where

I am in the very same position as BiGuy, although I am not Bi. I have also approached her about the topic and at least she did not divorce me...

I am a woman now 40 plus and been swining for a long time, talk to your wife ask how she feels if she in her thirties most likely she open to it, if she is not does she like sex period? if she does she is afraid she might like it to much which she will most men start this swinging thing but the wife keeps them doing it women like sex far more than men what man would ever have sex again if they had a baby? None right Once a woman starts we can't quit we lose our inhabitions, become addited and lose our self respect and it is way fun and drives most men wild and the preform much better don't ever do it with a single friend that always ends bad women always feel an attachment to the men we have intercourse with

I did have one 3some with another male a long time ago, it was my best friend and his girlfriend. It was pretty hot although he was a little phobic until he got really horny. All in all, a phenominal experience. Kane