Dp Me

I have never been penetrated by two men at once (or one man and a toy for that matter).  I am obsessed with fantasizing about being ****** in my ***** and *** at the same time.  I have a very tight ***** and have limited anal experience, but I am a nasty girl who loves ****, so I'm not worried. 

More than anything I want to have two men inside me, filling me up with their dicks.  Or maybe three guys, then one could pound my throat.

Mareola Mareola
26-30, F
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love the way you think!

Damn ;) mmmm

Terrific idea. I think MFM is the ideal combination. I have never been lucky enough to experience that but wife & I love DP with my **** and a *****/vibrator. What stops you from trying that?

Count me in!!


i am ready to you

would love to help you with your fantesy

Your husband is a lucky man.

I met a guy and a woman for a MFM. session recently. None of us had previously met. It was the most intense sexual experience I have ever had. I'm straight, and so is the other guy. We ****** her all different ways, including DP (a first for all three). AWESOME. If you like, I will explain in detail. If you are near Cleveland, Ohio, I can arrange for you to live it for yourself.

Yes ma'am count me in

Please go read the book Sex at Dawn: the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality.

It is actually biologically natural for you to have more than one sexual partner and doing dp and tp are things which are mind expanding and enlightening.

Someplace in my stories are some technical instructions to assist you.

why don't you live by me :)

Love nasty girls!!!!!

Do u want to milk me

Do u want to milk me

You can try a butt plug while you are ***** ****** to get an idea about the feeling to be DP. There is something nasty in butt plug, which adds much.<br />
Nice desire, hope you get to it sometime :-)

I've had soem experience doing a mfm and would love to show you exactly how it is done. :)

that sounds hot

WOW I c ould love you, I wish we lived closer to each other.

Exciting fantasy! My wife enjoys letting me share her with several of our ****** and bullets. It's extraordinary. I'm sure your hubby, or next lover would go out of his mind if you suggested he push in with and share you with a ***** ... from there...