I Am a Man Who Did Not Want Children Until...

For Blueeyes2010 - I notice there are no stories in this group so here goes....

I m a man who did not want children. I married when I was 24, my wife was the same age. Everything was great, two incomes, ski holidays, etc, etc. 

I have to say I was always a very frightened child and because there were so many things I did not like about childhood - getting smacked and yelled at by parents, teachers, other children, getting lonely because I was scared of everyone, I really did not want children myself.

I thought I might be unprepared to be a good father and might even get into the same rut, rowing with my wife and smacking my children.

My wife stopped taking the pill when we were both about thirty saying she was worried about side effects so I started using condoms. For about three years my wife, bless her, had the responsiveness of a blow up doll in bed and I was thinking my love making was to blame. So I tried harder, flowers, perfume, sexy nighties.... The harder I tried the harder she got.  Not a lot of discussion.

One day, after I don't know, three or four years of this she finally yelled at me "IF WE DON'T HAVE CHILDREN SOON IT WILL BE TOO BLOODY LATE!"   I am only a man, but that did get through. No more condoms.  I *********** furiously instead, hoping my ***** would all be too immature to function.  (who was immature?)  Worked a treat.

Eventually I was dragged along to to the doctor for ***** tests.  Great fun!  As this was a partnership effort I got my wife to **** me off into the test tube  -  good result , she had never given me a hand job before and she hadn't giggled so much during love making for years!  Perfect *****. I had no more excuses and stopped ************ because love making was so much fun again.

Two perfect children later I am so happy we finally had children. I was a hard one to win over but I have enjoyed every bit of it. I don't smack them, don't yell at them, they give me so much fun it is worth all the difficulties of parenting.

Not sure what the point of this story is but that is it!   

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Good story

when my two came along, I thought there would be no joy that could top it

when my two came along, I thought there would be no joy that could top it

men are on another planet sometimes ! I was only a couple of sentences in when I could see where your wife was going with this. I smiled out loud when you finally "got it"<br />
<br />
Yes our children are angel gifts from Heaven

Thanks for your comment. Nice thing about EP is I really could not have told that story anywhere else!