My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for like 6 years now. 2 years ago this Friday i gave birth (via c-section) to a beautiful girl named Abigail Grace. She was a wopping 10 oz and 11 inches long! Yes you read correctly and i did not miss type. She died 12 min later. Since then I have been desparate to get pregnant again. All I wanted was a baby... I got one, but didn't get to keep it and in my mind that just wasn't fair!! Well on Easter weekend this year i found out i was pregnagnt!!! I haven't said much about it to anyone except close friends. I lost Abby at 24 Wks so i've been really hush hush about this preganacy because i didn't want the same crap. Everyone so worried really dosen't help when your that upset. Well im now 21 Wks with this baby and so far the doc says everything is perfect. The baby is actually bigger than Abby was when i delivered her. That to me is a big step. Now with lots of prayers and love from my family I think we can get through this! I'm so excited!! Just 4 more months!!! Although this baby is stubborn like its daddy. We knew that Abby was a girly @ 16 wks. This one won't budge...won't move at all so that we can see what sex it is! So right now we have no idea and are hoping for a boy, but could really care less! As long as its breathing i don't really care!!
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My daughter died durring birth and my son 47 seconds after I deffinately know how you feel that was 13 years ago and im still trying