Son Daughter?

Now I don't know if its a dormant gene that lies in men and women the need to procreate, maybe its stronger in some than others?  I am older but I do want a son or dau or both as long as they healthy. I think I'd make a good dad I realize the responsability, I wish I had a son or dau 20 years ago a lot of friends did..the creation of life between a man and woman blows me away to see somthing thats a part of you both and watching it grow and teaching right from wrong...I do know there are risks, heatbreaks that come along with it..but I've a long time to think about yes thats what I to find the right girl..
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I am interested in speaking with you further about procreating.

You are special. Really

naaa, thanks anyway just a regular dude, put my pants on one leg at a time like everyone