Who Am I?

Hey everybody.The thing is i have been having trouble on whether im a latina or white or just a ghetto American. My dad  is white and he left my mama when i was 6. He came back when i was 13 and i think of him as just an ordinary man that now lives with us. I dont think im white for a reason and i thinks its my right to think that since i never got a chance to have a father daughter talk. I never got the chance to tell people who my father was or where he lived. And for that im pretty mixed up.My mama who was always working her self up to help me and my little sister survive is a Latina. But me ....well im me i have no clue if i should call myself white or Latina....People that i bearly ever speak to think im black because the way i talk ....its hard ..but i love both my parents and am happy their both together . And im glad im the person i am today..."and guess what were having a new baby brother"yeahh
flacka flacka
18-21, F
2 Responses May 21, 2012

I think people who are of mixed race tend to be most attractive. Just be who you are, yourself. Don't worry about labels.

Why can't you just say you're mixed? It's no one's business what your heritage is!