Baby Dreams

i want a baby bad i am 24 yrs old my husband is 36 i have one child from my first marrige and he has two children from his first, we talk about having another one and he agreed but when it comes time to make that happen he always comes up with a excuse on why the timing is not right. it hurts so bad when he does this and all he can do is alopogize to me (like that is goin to help) so we finally started tryin and its been about a year now and nothing has happened my hopes go lower and lower every month i have tried charting my temp, calenders and everything else i can think of, to make matters worse he just tells me that he has two so he knows he can have kids so the problem is me i cant "take" as he calls it.

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just becasue he has 2 kids dose not mean any thing it still could be him. you could all way look in to ***** donor and say it took. there have been time that guy had kids and just cant any more. it happen yes there could be a issues with you. or what your eating to name a few thing. good luck

My son and his wife have been through this. They finally gave up. <br />
I always think of all the people who quit trying and adopt-then they get pregnant. Stop worrying so much.<br />
I would tell my husband, he isn't as young as he once was!