18 And Want A Baby....

Im 18 going on 30 im super mature and everything for my age. Ive beeen dating the same guy for about 2 years now we know everything about each other we went through the whole " i might be pregnant" bit after not using protection... i wasnt but i have to say i really wanted to be. ive always wanted children lots of them as many as i could have naturally. i was kinda bummed and cried after taking the test and it was negative... i didnt let him know i was upset i pretended to be relieved. i really want a baby, i want to feel them kick inside me move around and know im their protector. and that im their mommy ive always wanted to be called that. i feel like i was forced to grow up early and that ive been a full grown adult for 5 years but he doesnt feel like he is quite ready i  dont know should i leave him and marry another great guy and have a family with him sounds harsh i know but is it even worth it we dont have the same goals or aspirations at all anymore.... i feel like hes completely detatched and we cant even have sex with out protection and he double checks to make sure i take my birth control pill. and he uses a condom and pulls out even with the condom..... hes super on edge about a baby.... i dont want it to be like that i want a little child so badly... im willing to move on from him.... help me decide what to do please? ?
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I am honest man, i am principled, loving caring and I know how to treat a lady for whom they are. I love transparency. I am here because I am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. I need a woman who is understanding, caring, romantic and loving. She may not be charmingly beautiful, but attitudes and character and being industrious describes a good example of a perfect lady.

I know what you mean completely!! I'm 18 and I just got out of a 3 year relationship where I wanted a child and he didn't. We had a few pregnancy scares and I always got excited to see a positive sign on the test but it never appeared, it was always negative. The separate opinions on children eventually tore us apart. And now I'm with a new guy and we just experienced our first negative test yesterday...This probably won't be the first time either. I'm tired of getting excited for the results and then being disappointed once again in the end, it hurts more and more each time....<br />
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End it with this guy and get a new one. Quit wasting your time on a hopeless cause or you will never be happy. Find a guy that wants the same things as you. And when you find him- go for the gold and don't give up!!

While I completely disagree with having a child at your age, if that's really what you want, you have a decision to make... him or a baby. If the guy isn't comfortable with the idea of a baby and he isn't ready, he shouldn't have one. I think it's more mature to recognize that you aren't ready for a kid yet than to dive right into that. Parenthood isn't as nice as it seems from the outside looking in. Are you emotionally, physically, and financially ready to start a family? If the two of you really don't share the same ideals anymore, then end it.