Always Have.

I want one... but, never to worry, these three packs of Yasmin will ensure that I won't be pregnant before October... and then I'll just buy more.  I really wouldn't mind adopting.
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aye, good on you. i'm sure when the right time comes you'll make a great mother. the world needs more mums who love and cherish their kids!

Yeah, I've had custody of my brothers and sister before, I know all about what having children means. Hence, the birth control pills.

try babysitting for long periods of time.... like days or weeks if someone will allow you to take their baby for that long. it will help you decide if you really want children or are just fantasizing. believe me i thought the same way at your age and had my first child by 21. i love my babies but i wish i'd waited just a few more years to have them. i'm in my 30s now and an unemployed mother because i spent all those years most people are out working looking after two little kids. i also married the wrong guy and those people can ruin your life if you don't choose the right one. i discovered it's dirt-common too, a lot of girls think their guy is the best, but having children with him will soon show he's not and sometimes he'll just leave and you are left with the kids, without any help. <br />
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think about all the selfish things in life you want to achieve... if you want other great things like travel or work, please put babies on the backburner. too many women end up like me and a lot of society thinks of us as wasteful resources on the planet. it's not my fault my ex was a jerk and didn't want a family but i still have to keep this family afloat and do the job of two people now, while i face prejudice from idiots who think i wanted to be a solo mum. i did get another partner but it took 5 years before i could find a man younger than 30 who didn't mind me having kids. we've been together a few years and a lot has changed - things haven't worked out perfectly in that relationship either and we haven't had any kids together. so i'm just another number, living proof that romantic relationships aren't forever, but having children is. only a select few are lucky enough to have their partner's stick around for a lifetime. <br />
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having children too young can limit your life in ways you are unable to fathom right now. you can't know it until you have them just how much they will consume your life. i am NOT putting you down for wanting children and i'm willing to bet you'll be a wonderful and loving mother to very lucky children someday. i just hope you don't rush into it before doing a lot more in your life.