Sometime Soon Would Be Nice

well...first i should probably have someone to have a baby with lol
but yeah, i'd like to have another one.  i have one...she's 6.5yrs now.  i would've liked to have had another one not long after her so she'd have someone to play with, grow up with etc.  now it looks like she's gonna be the big sister helper.  which is fine too...she loves little kids and babies.  idk tho...i'm 7.5 yrs older than MY sister...and we weren't really that close growing up.  i was always going out/gone while she wanted me to stay home and play/be with her.  My brother, on the other hand, is less than 2yrs younger than me...and we're close.  grew up playing together, etc.  always had someone to play with.  with my daughter....she'll be more like my sister...playing alone.  BUT maybe not...she'll be the oldest, while my sis was the youngest.

idk...i do want another kid tho....together with someone else, not counting an accumulated step child.  maybe 2 more....3 is pushing it b/c i'm getting freaking the cost of raising 3 more kids would be insane...but...i've always kinda wanted a full house.
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did the two of you talk about kids and how many you wanted before you got married?

i can just see you standing out there with that sign lol<br />
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i'm not very patient no lol and the whole idea of starting this dating process over again, and finding a mate, just seems very hopeless at times :/

One good thing about having children far apart like that is that if/when the oldest begins having health problems she'll have a younger sister there to take care of her. Also, older sisters are excellent sources of info and advice to little sisters! My sister is 20 years older than me!!! So trust me, I know allll about it! lol.<br />
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Your time will come....and if you get TOO impatient, there is always ***** banks/in vitro fertilisation!!! lol...lots of options out there really. I've given this some thought. My husband hasn't agreed to having children yet. He isn't against having them, just doesn't want to right now. But I told him I'm NOT waiting past my 25th birthday!!! I've been begging for almost 2 years now...and I meant it when I told him that on my 25th b-day if he doesn't take action I will go find someone who will! haha. I actually told him I would stand out in the yard on strike with a sign saying "***** Needed" until he agreed to try:P Very interesting

thanks for your comment! i wish i could quit expecting it to happen, so it can happen when i least expect it lol i can't wait for that someone to come along!