I Would Love To Start A Family...

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mother. I always thought babies and little kids were adorable. I enjoy playing with children, running with them, talking to them and hearing what they have to say. Most of my jobs have been in children's retail. People ask me how I can deal with kids all day long and I in turn tell them that kids are seldom the problem, it's the parents I am more apt to have a problem with.
I was an only child with no relatives in town. It was just me, my mom and my dad. It sucked. It was lonely. I was bullied as a kid and I never had anyone to stand up for me or younger sibling I could defend. Holidays were lonely. I always wanted to have a large family...or at least more than one.
I would love to wake up in married family life. I don't mind changing diapers, chasing after toddlers or making people breakfast. It's a challenge, but I've always felt like it was my calling.
I also feel like I have a duty to my paternal grandmother. None of her grand-children have ever had children and all of them, except me, are too old to start a family. She herself was an only child. If I don't start a family, her heritage will die with me.
I feel like being a mother would be the greatest, most important job in the world. I would give people the greatest gift, which would be life.
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very honorable idea..I have always loved to share and teach kids...love the exuberant expressions.and their creative mind...its really how we raise then to be the beautiful being of light they are...teach them loving values and health...there are so many that arent ready to have kids or shouldnt..but from the 30 seconds I read your post :) you seem like you will be a great mom..it takes patience, unconditional love and creativity and intelligence to help the little one grow... sure you may find the right situation...you, like Me have had this urge since we were young so it stands to reason great parents we are :) I also took classes on child developement
blessings injoy

Great story. Remember though, when you want a baby....you end up with a teen. And a baby with a poonami (trust me when I say, babies have EXPLOSIVE nappies). And a toddler who covers walls with sudocreme (happens to most people I know). And you will always end up having to run desperately home because your toddler isn't potty trained yet but you used up all the nappy wipes in just two toilet trips even though you bought two big packs with you. And school trouble, and reading to them for hours and then they tell you they don't understand. And having to teach them table manners. And I can safely say, kids are the most expensive thing ever. I shudder to think of childminding and nursery fees, costs spent on healthy food because I want them to be healthy, costs spent on lifts and petrol, on school trips, clothes (kids grow so quickly at start), clothes, furniture, nappies, and so on.

But for all the trouble, for all the days you have to take unpaid leave because they're ill AGAIN and you can barely afford holidays because they're expensive as they can only take place in school holidays, and even when they moan that their friends who get to stay up later/go round more houses/eat sugar by the bowlful, kids are the most magical thing ever. I have two children and I love them more than words can say. You sound like you'll be an amazing mother- good luck!

Please read my stories..I think we have a lot in common...add me if you agree.

More like the greatest curse, if you ask me. What are they to do if they find that they don't like your gift? It's a bit late to refuse it after they develop the mental capacity to do so.

If they don't like living? Compared to what? They have no contrasting memories of "not living". They'll just have to figure out what they enjoy and go make their lives enjoyable.

So, basically - not your problem, but theirs.

Yeah, if they want to be whiny little emo mopes, that's their problem. How can people hate being alive when they have nothing to compare it to?

Conversely, how can people love being alive when they have nothing to compare it to?

Truly, their life - their problem, but it's kind of infuriation to hear that from you who deliberates to create their life to start with...

So are you suggesting that one shouldn't have children because the children might hate life?

More like, one shouldn't have children because you can't guarantee they won't.
Especially if all you can offer are some throwaway, no guarantee statements like "They'll just have to figure out what they enjoy and go make their lives enjoyable."

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