Want to Be a Mommy....not Just a Stepmommy

i have always dreamed of being a mother. my husband and i have been together for 3 years and married for 5 months. we weren't trying to get pregnant before we got married but we weren't trying not to either. so for the past three years my husband and i have had sex without protection and still have not concieved. now we are married and would like to add to our family (he has two kids from a previous relationship). I am terrified that i won't concieve. we are still trying and hope to have some good results. i have become a little bummed because everyone around me is pregnant. two of my really good friends are pregnant and another friend of a friend is pregnant. im getting tired of finding out everyone else is pregnant...i want to be the one to say im having a little bundle of joy.

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Stepmommyof2 everryone is different. I have tons of cousins on both my mother and father's side of the family. All of them have litters of children then there's my sister and me. For some reason we are both sterile. On more than one family occasion cousins, aunts, and uncles ask us what's wrong with us. <br />
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Strangely I was told by one doctor that his theory is that there was some sort of genetic mutation on my father's side that just affect my sister and me.

thank you. i think im starting to realize that im going to have to see a specialist. i think i just didn't want to think that there could be something wrong with me. i wanted it to be as easy as it was for my husband to have 2 other kids.

debysboys27 is right. it should only take a year of try to point out a problem if you haven't conceived. I was stupid enough to trust my husband and now I'm 44 and just had a total hysterectomy so it's too late for me. Stepmommyof2 get on top of the situation. See your gynocologist and if s/he can't help you ask to be referred to a fertility specialist.

If you have been trying for three years without protection you probably should see a Dr. Good Luck!