A Baby Girl

I want a little girl. I want to name her Maggie. I want one today. I hate my life and think a baby will make it a little bit better. I know what its like to raise one i raised my little sister. So dont say i am not ready bacause i am. i just want someone to talk to about it.

ashleynicholebby ashleynicholebby
13-15, F
2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Sweetie, That's a horrible way to feel. I'm not sure if you think that having a baby would give you a sense of purpose, or if you are just lonely and enjoy having the company of someone who needs your love and attention. The sad thing is, that a huge number of pregnancies do not bring a happy baby to the parents. At least a quarter of pregnancies become miscarriages. Many more babies are born with disabilities. Could you handle being told that the baby you long for will not live, has died or will spend their entire life with carers, in special schools or will never be able to live a normal life? <br />
Having a child is not just the daily chores and fun, it's planning for the future, both you and the child, Providing financially, emotionally and educationally, even when you are absolutely at the end of your tether.<br />
Give yourself the time to enjoy your own life, and learn what makes YOU happy. You need a lot of strength to be a great parent. Take the time to learn what it is you want to give your child to carry with her through her own life. <br />
Would you want her to feel the way you do now? <br />
I'm sure you can manage the everyday part of caring for a baby, but please consider how hard it will be when you are trying to balance your child's schedule of school, activities and friends, with you own work, life, and needs. Can you afford the medical expenses, living expenses, child care and all the other neccessities, as well as leaving enough for the fun stuff like toys, cute outifts and holidays excursions to exciting places? For Maggie, please ask yourself if you can give her the life you want her to have, at this stage of your life? <br />
<br />
I hope you find happiness in your life.

You're 13-15 thinking a baby would make things easier?!? God, if you were my sister I'd smack you into next week.