Disinterested In The Average. Enthralled In The Rare

Over the course of my 20 years of living i have been through a lot of situations and positions in life. From poor, starving and nearly homeless, to financially excelling and being content with where i stand. From living in some of the worst neighborhoods of California and being involved with gang activity, to living in some of the best and establishing friendships in high places.
I've been moved across the country a few times which has caused me to quickly lose and gain friends at the whim of my dad, causing me to be attentive about who i want to make friendships with.
I'm not saying i have seen everything. Not even remotely.
Although, i have seen, and been involved with a lot.
And in result I have now become uninterested in things the average person finds to be of interest simply because i have lived among both the same, and worse conditions that breed this average level of consciousness, and transcended it as well.
There is a saying: " In order to build muscles, you gotta break them first".
The only way to go beyond who you are is to momentarily step outside of your confines. Only then will you see yourself in an unbiased way, and only then will you know what position you are truly in.
Sadly, the people in my immediate life are stuck in theirs, one of which is not capable of properly understanding mine, and in turn i am ridiculed.
Being intelligent is great. But lonely. Oh so lonely.

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Jan 19, 2013