Wife’s Pregnancy Scare From Her Black Lover (update 7/26/11)

It’s been over a week now since my wife has seen Sean and she can't wait until this Friday for him to visit again. She has been off the pill for over five months now and still hasn't gotten pregnant. Its apparent she is somewhat disappointed but very clear she is really enjoying being with him not using any protection. She told me that not using protection with him she feels closer to him. It is very noticeable she is very much in love with him. When he is at our house it is like I am invisible. All her attention is towards him when he is there which I am completely fine with. Going on 4 weeks now I haven't had sex with her or seen her *****! At the end of June he said to her that it is his ***** and I am not to be inside her or see it. She has kept that promise to him and has made it very clear to me that her ***** is for his only. Last night I was trying to get her to let me see her ***** but she wouldn't. I asked why he made that rule and she said that he wants her ***** fresh for him when he is with her!
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Jul 26, 2011