Last Weekend.

Last weekend my wife and I were kind of fooling around in bed. Out of the blue she says I want a black baby. I told her there is only one way to get a black baby. She said yes, she knew. We talked a little bit about a black guy and her. She got so horny she came several times. Now I can't get the thought out of my mind. I want her bred by a BBC.
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10 Responses Sep 29, 2011

I thought she was going black only - to be black bred?

All black?

Any updates?

i think you should cross breed her like a mer with black , white chinese, etc

That is soooo hot, you should give her to lots of black men...

what will you tell everyone ? will you feel humilated or proud? very thrilling thought.

the perfect way :)

Its a white mans dream to have his wife bred by a unknown black man.<br />
I have managed to get my wife to take white men so far - but I hope she will do it some time and she must really enjoy it to carry on.

Go for it!!!....Or at least, find a great black man and let her experience the pleasure like we did. Keep me posted..

I think that's very cool that you're both on the same wavelength. I'm sure there are plenty of prospective bulls out there ready to breed her. Good luck!