The Gelding

This started when Cara let her friend and son move in. Lena is a 40 something black woman who Cara met at the Jim. My 30 year old wife and I live in a farmhouse in the country(I have a trustfund and the farm from grandpa). Lena and Marc were to stay the summer, Marc is her 21 year old son. The flirting began right away. Looks, pats on Cara's behind, stuff like that. I saw them kissing in the pantry but pretended I didn't. Finally one night when we were watching tv Cara sat down on Marc's lap. I froze, and just kept watching Tv. They cuddled for a while then went into our bedroom and closed the door. Lovemaking sounds soon filled the house, sounds of a woman being pleasured by a much younger man. I went out on the porch and Lena followed me. Lena informed me that they were in love and I should get a divorce. I slept on the couch that night. The next day they called me out to the barn. Lena and Cara Chained me to a post and Marc beat me with a belt and a paddle. Lena had a sheaf of papers I was to sign (Lena is a paralegal and notary public). After a terrible whipping I signed over twenty papers. I had given Cara a divorce, and given the three of them permission to live on the farm forever (it couldn't be taken from me, owned by trust). I had agreed to have a certain Doctor neuter me, and basically agreed to be a slave to my exwife and her new husband. The following afternoon people began arriving. Cara's mom and kid sister, Lena's brother Henry, and to my horror, my own mother. Mom was always very close to Cara and was supporting her 100%. She said it was my fault for not being a real man. Mom is a nurse, and was going to assist Doctor. I was told to ***** and taken into the kitchen. The ladies kept me close so I wouldn't run (where would I go). My mom told me to climb up on the table and put my butt in the air. When men went through this procedure, sometimes fear overwhelmed them. I was to get an enema first, then be shaved. When Doctor arrived, I would get a shot to freeze my privates and then it would be done. I cannot describe the humiliation of being a forty year old man going through this. Bare *** naked on a table in front of my wife and young lover, amoung others, while my own mother greased my behind and slipped the enema tube in me. The girls were laughing and giggling, Marc and his uncle stood watching, Marc leering at me. I felt the warm solution filling me, the sensation of being full and having to go started to become painful. "Relax hon, I have a second dose." Mom patted my butt. "Cute little butt, just like when you were little." Everyone laughed but me. They helped me down and into the bathroom. I squatted over the toliet facing the wall while Lena and Cara's Mom held my arms. I couldn't hold it anymore and started to go, and couldn't stop. Cara and little sis were there laughing at the door. My shame was growing with each passing moment. Back on the table, my hands were tied down and legs up, back and apart. Lena put two pillows under my ***. Cara brought a razor and cream. My mom proceeded to wash me slowly and thoroughly. Everyone but my mom was drinking now, it was a party atmosphere. Lena lathered up my privates and my legs and Cara shaved me. They took all my pubic hair, and then shaved my legs. Uncle Henry was the only one helping me, giving me slugs of whiskey and giving me a smoke, holding it for me. Finally I was shaved, we waited for the Doctor. Everyone went in the front room except for Uncle Henry. "These ladies are putting you through hell. tonight why don't you climb into my bed. You can rest and take it easy there." A finger traced around my anus and slipped in, just a little. Then everyone came back in, the doctor was here. It was the doctor mom worked for. She wasted no time giving me two shots which stung like hell. She assured me there would be no pain. Everyone left the room but my Cara. "Babe, I'm giving you your last *******. I want you to know I still care for you and I'm glad you're going to be around. I'm crazy about Marc but he doesn't eat ***** so that and kissing my butt will be your job." Pretty Cara with the long blonde tresses and breast like little apples went down on me. I quickly came in her mouth, and then everyone was back. .Marc stood over me, taking my nutsack in his hand. "I'm taking these. I'm taking Cara. Tonight Cara's fertility will be skyhigh. Remember that when you here us *******." Cara sat on his lap in the Corner, the mothers stood around me with Henry. Soon enough, it was over. Before I knew it, really. It took a bit longer to stich me up. The doctor pulled up a stool next to me. "You are a man no longer. Expect your wife to...well she has a fiancee. Guys will be hitting on you, that kind of stuff. No pants or anything restrictive for 2 weeks. No mens underwear anymore. Panties for you, my boy." Lena handed me a pair of sheer bikini panties and a white t shirt.. Marc handed her a check and she turned back to me. "Oh, I almost forgot. Sweetie, bend over the table." I complied and she gave me a shot. "That will make your behind a little rounder, and keep the hair from growing back." She gave me painpills and antibiotics and left. My mom and Cara's mom left. Marc took me aside. "Go in to the bedroom and eat my woman." I found Cara spread eagle and waiting. I did as I was told, licking and kissing Cara's sweet *****, getting it ready for the superior black man. He came in and pulled me off her, forcing me to my knees. "Thank me. Thank me for Taking Cara and Thank me for taking your manhood." I looked up at him. Thank you sir. Thank you for taking my wife and my balls." He slapped me in the face; "Stand in the corner and face the wall."" Soon little Cara was wailing like a banshee, begging, gasping, pleading for more. I stood in the Corner for at least an hour. He was half my age and ten times the lover. Finally, he called me to the bed. Cara lay cuddled against him. "Lick my nuts, whiteboy. Lick her sweetness off my nuts." I did as he told me, My wife lay wellfucked and moaning in the arms of a young black man while I licked her stuff off of big, hairy, black nuts. This went on for probably two hours. I left the room quietly. I went up to Uncle Henry's room and opened the door, crossing to the bed. He lit a cigarette. I took it. "Please don't take my *** tonight. I'm starting to really hurt down there." He chuckled and cupped my mouth in his hand. "Go ahead and get under the covers." I slipped down and found a monster fatty waiting. Something snapped in me. I just went crazy. I stayed there well into the night, head on his belly, letting him use me.
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I admit to being a freak who would love to put a nice wife on the end of my tool, but this goes beyond freakiness. This is mental.