White Husband White Wife Black Babys

My wife looks exactly like lara flyn boyle when she plyed helen gamble in the practice and is always being asked for her autograph!we go to L.A  every coule of months and hang around sunsetstrip and hollywood blvd.she wears her hair put up in a tight bun wears fake jewlery that looks real and worth tousands of dollers very classy black dresses that are very revealing and no panties and she acts like she is the actress and attracting the pavaratzzi.Whenever a african american male with very dark skin and a large bulge catches her attention she has me pretend to be her bodyguard and has me give him a note asking him if he would like to audition for her new movie wich she thinks he would be perfect for> when the guy is told to meet her in a motel known to be used by prostitutes the get suspicios and i explain that she is going to use that hotel in the movie and wants to see him in the actuall settingfor the audition.i tell him to meet us in the lobbie of the hotel in an hour. When she walks in the lobbie the hotel manager greets her and tells her the suite has been prepared to look like the directer said that he wanted it and that there were several gentelmen her to audition for her and she acts like a total ***** and to have him take them to the waiting room there are three rooms with adjoining doors that we rent one is the waiting room another a office and the third room has a huge bed coverd with a black rubber mat with a sex swing in the center of the bed and 6 huge back rubber ***** ranging from 12 to i4 inches longand as tick as a  can of red bull to as fat as a can of fosters beer and a 3 foot long black double dong as fat as a champaighn bottle.The only other pice of furniture is a chair sitting on a pedastal directly infront of the bed and at the same hight she has the guys come in one at a time in her office and explains the scene he is trying out for is about a rich female attorny whos husband payed him $1000 dollers to have sex with his wife. He payed him an extra $5oo  to sit infront of the bed while his wife was ****** and made to stuff white didos in her ***>he was really in need of cash and agreed to the deal her husband was trying to get her pregnant and had him wear double condoms well the white guy visited and used his buatifull wife every day for 2  weeks and he secretly punctered the rubbers to get her knocked up with awhite baby well she gets pregnant and has a white child and the get a letter saying i hope you enjoy raising a white kid and that everyone knows your wife is a hoe and that he had secretly fimed every thing and how he cliped the end of the rubbers and used crisco as lube to disciuse his ***. well the black guy hires a locale black streetgang to find the white guy and then they kiddnap him and his wifeand while he is tied to the chair the black husband s wife shoves giant black ****** in her *******! the guys white wife whom they druged  the 16 black gang members and the black husband inject her with fertility drugs and then gang bang her for 16hours a day for 2 weeks and in her drugged stae she sighns documents to agree to their filming her and to give all legal rights to the black husband and also pays $ 50.000.00 to him and then my wife says it will help her get in the role of the wife if she actually experiences everything in real life even though the actuall movie wont show any nudity . every guy is more then willing and she has me tied to the chair while she gets gang banged bareback by all 17 black guysand a black prostitute  uses all the ****** on her stretching her ******* out until the huge double dong is hanging from her *** with 2 and a half feet hanging out  *** is running out of her gapping **** and she ends up pregnant due to me giving her fake birth control pills!  THE END

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you are lucky wish my wife would get pregnant by blacks

although Im sure it would be a great story if>>>>> you learned to spell and stopped ******* off when you type.

confusing story