I Would Love To Get Preg. By A Black Guy

it would be amazing ive been trying since i was 14 to get preg. with no luck so any blk guy that would like to try im here for u to use me :)
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14 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I wish the best of luck. I think it's awesome you've been trying to get pregnant by a black man since you were 14. That is oh so sexy.

wish you luck :)

Where are you lol, I got you

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You must not be gettting enough black guys
All the ones that **** me *** alot and deep perfect for getting prego or mabey you should try some of the ones i ****

baby why wait contact me baby

Darlin", my first wife was knocked up by a black guy, and I loved it. I think all girls should **** black men, it is a wonderful thing indeed. Can't make you pregant, but we have contact groups we knoe all over the country. It would be easy to set you up on a black breeding party!

contact me baby am ready

Had any luck yet?

I can definitely get you pregnant girl. You've never met anybody with loads bigger than mine.

I'd love to fill u up and get u pregnant

Have you considered to go a All Black ********? Best way to get knocked up!

Let's hope that you will have many beautiful biracial babies!

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hope you can fulfill your dreams, I decided early last summer it was what I wanted as well and soon after my wishes came true. This is my 29th week :)