I'm In My Prime/my Wife Isn't.

I'ts been tough the past couple of years,my sex drive has sky rocketed,while my wife's has deminished.I've been very patient,trying different things,but nothing seems to work.lately I've started to complain alot and that make's it worst.on top of that she very hot looking,great shape,take's care of her self.When we have sex it's awsome for both of us,she ALWAYS ******'s,we do pretty much everything to do w/sex but when we're done she may not want it for weeks some time,when I want even more.Also weird is she doesn't like to talk about sex,she refuse'es to try different things,she doesn't like,will not use the word horny.I'm a very sexual person by nature,I need sex on a regular basis,so last week I said to her that I need more,what are we gonna do about it,she said to do what ever I need to do,as long as she does'nt know about it.We've been together since jr high,I've never cheated on her,but I'm about to start,just don't know where to start,I'm hoping by  joining EP,I can meet some one with this same problem,I don't want to go to my grave missing out on wonderful hot sex,with other beautiful woman,I've got to much to offer.

thrillerdriller thrillerdriller
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i'm like the other two guys my wife is not interested in sex anymore she even doesn't want to do it or discuss it. I can not wait any more it's not fair.

The old saying goes "what your wife won't do, your mistress will"! I was in your shoes too! The exact same scenario! I finally had enough and found a woman that was in the same boat too! It lasted about five years then I called it off but wish I still had it going on now though. My wife is not sexual at all! You gotta do what you gotta do!

Your wife will find out directly or in-directly and she has not said what will happen then!!!!! Look out.

I am about in the same situation as thrilerdriller, I have taken to much bp medications and have wrecked my system.<br />
Have not had normal sex for 2 years. <br />
Wife does not like to try new things. some people have advised me to try oral sex, she will have no part of that.<br />
I have had an implant, waiting to see how this will work.<br />
Go back for final check up in 3 weeks.<br />
I am getting to the point, I am seeking to establish a good working relationship with my wife.<br />
No cheating here, was faithful to her for 29 years.<br />
Anyone out their who can give thrillerdriller and I some advise

whoa!!! uhhh.... try taking it back to the basics.you kind of have to try to start all over again...hard to learn her if she isn't willing to share her thoughts about it...let's say that you give her constant massages on a daily w/o making it obvious that you are about to explode.... a nice massage should decrease stress levels different oils and aromas...Keep her intersted....make the entire week about her try excluding yourself as much as possible ....the only thing you want to be noticed in is providing her with extreme bliss....You have to make her boil with sensation..Make her remember what she loves about u sexually..... old pics make her a scrap book of u two!!! Flowers delivered to the job or home just to surprise her....constantly remind her of why u love her!!! willing to help if u need it!