Gay And Getting Older

im 33. gay. and just incredibly alone and lonely. i would love a family. i dont know how that would happen. i cant even find a partner, and money is tough. i can barely support myself. i just feel that i have no purpose, and a family would give me a sense of purpose. i dont do anything. i just simply exist. i watch my sister with her kid and i see all of the experiences she is having and its just life. i want to know all of that. i dont feel that im here for anything important if i cant have a family or a home of my own. i have been seriously thinkign about getting some pets and making my own family. its not the same but at least they will be waiting for me when i come home from work and at least we can have meals together and stuff, and they would be dependant on me, and perhaps i would grow dependant on them. not the same, but being alone all the time is just really sad. i rush home from work and then i get home and im like "well, why did i rush home?"
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im the same way.but i did have a gf for years and i just founded out that we want diff thing so now i feel like i wasted time being with her and i missed my chance to find someone to have a life with

You will

I feel you I'm only 23 but with my situation I feel like I will never meet my other half anymore but anyway yeah I think a pet will be a great companion but having a real person to be with will be great he's right you might want to try adoption but ofcourse you must be fanancialy stable. Goodluck!

Life is sh*t, but there are a lot of kids living really sh*tty lives in “care homes” have you considered adopting? A dog is great company, but they don’t make interesting conversations.