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Lucky for me, I already have a fat family! When it comes to my beautifully fat *** and chubby belly, I definitely got it from my mama. My mom doesn't share her weight, but she is SSBBW for sure- my dad earns enough for her to be able to stay home even though all us kids are in school. She basically sits on the couch all day eating chips and drinking pop. My dad gives her a ton of **** about being fat but i know it's jokingly and he loves to see her and all us girls pack on the pounds. The other day, my mom and I were watching tv and when he walked by she gave him the 2 Nutty Bar boxes we'd just finished off & told him to bring her some more to snack on. He said he should get her a mini fridge next to the couch. That's not to say my dad isn't big too, he's got an impressive beer gut. I have 3 sisters, all with my same build- my dad spoils us all. I have one brother who is the youngest and definitely gets babied the most- my parents buy him whatever games he wants and he stays in his room all day playing video games on the flat screen TV he got for his birthday and eating sweets. I swear that kid eats enough food to feed a country in Africa, and my parents still encourage him to eat more since he's a "growing young man". He already weighs as much as I do and he just turned 13. I love being part of a fat family and I love it when people notice, which they do when we go to the grocery store! My mom rides one of those scooters- she can waddle around, she's just too lazy. My older sister is starting to complain that she should get to ride one too but my mom needs us to push the cart and get food. I can't wait to have what my parents have... but more. They only have 5 kids and I want between 8 and 12. I also want my husband to be much fatter, I want him to be close to a SSBHM too, which I think my dad would be if he didn't work. Still, I'm so lucky to have a fat family :)
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Sounds like everyone except your dad is gonna be super-sized soon?

You sound rad, I would love a wife who needs a motor wheelchair, and to have really fat kids who also cannot walk...let's do this, I work in fast food!

That is lucky!

hey will i hope your dreams came true as i hope to be a ssbhm and have a ssbbw and i want to have lot of kids i want 8 or 13 kids and i love kids all i want to have is a fat family and a fat wife and have al my dreams came true and how the girl want to make me and i hope you find one soon and hey maybe one day you get what you want i want that to

What a wonderful family you have!

Superb story!More please.What is everyone's ages and weights?(best guess)

your so lucky my family always care about my weight! im still chubby. it's from my mom that's for shure.