Bodysuit And Eggs

I remember one time a long time ago when Jessica came home from work, had a couple of shots of vodka, then put on a black bra and panty set, some black tights, and a black spandex bodysuit that snapped at the crotch. She pulled her clitty into the tucked position. Then she had a spandex black mini skirt she put on over that. No heels though, she didn't want to scratch the tub or slip and fall. Next Jessica unsnapped her body suit, filled her tights both front and back with as many eggs as they would hold, the same with her bra cups. Oh it felt so cold, and so hot at the same time, there was steam coming off of her, Jessica was feeling so hot and horny with those cold eggs pressed tightly against her smooth shaven tanned skin. It was quite a sight and oh what a feeling walking ever so gingerly from the kitchen to the bathroom trying not to break any of the eggs. Jessica's breasts were bulging and so were her booty and crotch. She clicked as she walked from the eggs clinking against one another. Once she got to the bathroom, she carefully stepped into the shower stall feeling her clothes getting tighter on her as they were stretching in every direction. Jessica stood facing one wall of the stall and fell forward so that her chest hit the wall pretty hard. The eggs in her bra instantly broke. It felt amazing having all that cold goo running into her bra, all over her **** then down the inside of her bodysuit, past her stomach and down into her panties slipping in between the unbroken eggs still in her panties.. Then Jessica took the massaging shower head and gave herself a few good hits in the crotch area. Slowly the front of her panties were filling up with more sticky cold goo. Now her clitty and totally hairfree pubic area were all sticky and slimy with raw eggs and she could feel it beginning to run down her nylon covered smooth legs. For the finale, Jessica took another drink of vodka then sat down hard in the tub, breaking all the eggs in the back of her panties. The goo was now filling in her *** crack and some was trying to press into her hot *****. She slowly stood up allowing the goo to run down the back of her legs. So hot and horny now Jessica began rubbing herself all over through her clothes, the goo now permeating the fabric. She took some remnants and rubbed it over her face and thru her sandy blond hair. She now looked like a dozen shemales had *** all over her face, and that's what she was fantasizing had happened. Now she was as wet, gooey, sticky, slimy mess and she loved it. Jessica needed to brace herself against the side of the tub, she was getting lightheaded as all the sensations her body was feeling right now. She pulled down her skirt, snapped open her bodysuit and slipped her hand into her tights and squeezed her slimy wet clitty. All the goo made her **** feel so slippery, it didn't take long before Jessica was adding her own sauce to the egg mix.

MMM, makes me so hot thinking about it now, good times! Just writing this my panties are getting so tight.

Hugs and kisses, Jessica!

Check out this vid, would love to do this!

51-55, T
Jul 30, 2010