Hurry Up Already Lol

I cannot wait until you and Trooper N. return to EP.  I miss my favorite trooper and the lady that keeps him in line. I hope you are feeling better although I hear you have been quite naughty. Lol I notified security you were ready to make a break for it.

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Ladies!!! I see nothing interesting about that story and you, Miss Giggles, don't really NEED to share LOL.....You will never let me live that down will you? Nut!! Okay, fungirl, I guess if we are to be friends then you will hear this story eventually, might as well get it over with ;p

I will....I have to wait until I'm strong enough to hide my isn't exactly a story the good trooper would like me to share. hehee But I got to see the dashcam tape (it's good to have contacts) and it is a riot :)

Do share!!!!!

oooOOOOOooooo OKAYS Sorry Nick we NEED to know!!!!

Oooh, that reminds me, I never did tell you the story of "The Trooper and the Tranny" hahaha. Okay, he is now giving me the crook-eye.....(ssshhhh, I will write it as a story hehehehe)

LOL I wonder if they know women will intentionally drive bad so the troopers will pull them over LOL<br />
not me, But I know women who have.!!

Aaw, we shall have to do something about that Miss Cheeky....maybe the good trooper can make some friends up there where you are and send them your way! <br />
Yes, that sly smile tells me Trooper Badass is getting a bit of a thrill out of having two beautiful women talking about gorgeous men in uniform :) Shoot fire, if you think this guy is a hott mess you should see his son! I nicknamed him "hot stuff, comin' through". He looks just like his dad and OH MY the girls are crazy about that kid!! (he works for the local PD here as the photog. guy and wants to be a trooper.....OMG, two of them out on the highways making women swoon!!)

Oh I bet !!! lol Bet he is putting the cheschire cat to shame... :P<br />
<br />
darn it the men in my area are all slobbs. LOL .. poopy :(

Hell, I refuse to change the subject!! The subject is sitting right here next to me and he is in uniform WHOOHOOOOO! If I wasn't tied down to this bed with monitors and tubes I'd....well, you know exactly what I'd do!!!! (you should see the smile on this guy's face hehehe)

I don't have to have the mental picture because I am looking right at it. Now if I can just get him to take it off lol

ok subjest change.... ummm.... errrrrr meh forget it.....<br />
<br />
I have a mental pic that is GOING NOWHERE

I have cold chills ladies.

Yessss indeedy..... *takes a moment to ponder *** ahhh *sigh*

LMAO you guys are too funny! Dex, are you coming to join the troopers?? I'm sure they can find a place for you on the force :) Uh-oh, with that accent AND a uniform the ladies better watch out! hehee<br />
<br />
Fungirl and Cheeky ~ Agreed!! uniform = Yummy, Lickable, and don't forget Delicioso!!

Hey, Trooper? Any jobs going?

Sexy man in uniform = very lickable lol.

If I might chime in.... Uniform = YummY

Well it is actually when it is removed. BTW i told him I play with you every time you are online LOL. It is certainly the uniform hehe in that case. (( I am so freaking humorous tonight.))

Aha!! So it's the uniform that does it for you two ladies!! Well, I may never take this thing off again ;')

Gotta love the uniform. mmm

Alright!!! Nothing better :)

A MMM MMM good man.

HAHAHA Yes, I've been planning my escape. CheekyGeek sent a clown over to scare the nurses and the trooper's friends from the fire dept. are bringing a ladder so I can slip out the window!! I am doing better and as you can see, I got out of ICU and into a room so I could have my laptop! Had to get here cause I never like to miss a good party :) Thanks everyone!! And fungirl, I am sooooo pleased to hear the good news, sounds like you have a good man! YEAH!!!!!!!! ((hugs)) J