The One Who Lives In A Glass House Should Not Throw Stones On His Neighbour

When I was a little younger, I used to play with my friends of my neighbourhhod. We used to play tricks for each other and the one who loses the game had to keep running for an hour without stopping. It happened with my friend who was too much fat. It was by chance that he lost approximately all the tricks. He was a child whose head was like a brick and his legs were too thick. When he ran, his belly was like going to burst at any moment. He was not intelligent by nature at the time of his childhood. His friends used to giggle at him and he feigned he didn't pay attention. I had a fight with him. I told him that no woman would marry him in the future because he was too fatty. He jumped at me and my hand was somehow broken. I had only to cry. He never said sorry. He stood up firmly while I was laying over my back thrown on the ground. Then, he said: "The one who lives in a glass house should not throw stones on his neighbor"
3omdomri 3omdomri
26-30, M
May 20, 2012