30 Something? Meet Depression!

May 2nd, 2007 30 something? Meet Depression! I don't know if "Depression" likes people in their 30's, but I have never met so many people who are depressed until now....cause I'm 33 and my friends are mostly 30 and up. I used to be depressed at 24 caused I graduated from an Ivy League college and I thought I was going to be a "big shot" one day. Meet "Ego" and "Hubris"! God has other plans for me and many a damsel like me who got married, got barefooted and pregnant with children bla...bla...bla... The immature me then was so depressed over staying home with no friends to visit because everybody's busy being a perfect stay-at-home moms inside their own homes. Anyway to cut the story short, thanks to all my prayers and substandard level of patience, God answered my prayers so that now I have dozens or more of friends who call me up and wants to do something with my time. They are all sweet and sincere.. Yet, many admit to suffering from depression. Depression due to loss of family members, depression due to husbands, depression from unknown reasons... Many suffer from depression due to fear of dying one day, fear of being alone, fear of burglary and crime, fear of being attacked, fear of dying suddenly. Many complained about not being able to go to sleep at night...waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. All praise to the Creator, I realize that He is offering His hand to all of us. How God gives this difficulty to us in the prime of our life so that we are awakened to the fact that this world is not permanent. This world we are living in is not perfect. In our youth, everything looks great. Life is juicy and we just want to slurp up and fulfill our desires and our passions. As we get older, we may have more financial resources to get what we want, but our bodies are not as eager to digest all the pleasures. Food is not always as sweet and delicious as we used to remember. It's not that anything is wrong with the food - it's our own tastebuds that's getting old. If we are passionate about loving God - then this is a Mercy from Him. He is making the world easier to let go. There's nothing sad or depressing about this. We will all eventually leave this world. Wouldn't it be sad to leave the world when you are hanging tightly in love with it. Wouldn't it be nobler to leave the world while you are done with its pleasures and ready for the Higher, More Perfect and Infinite Pleasures that God Almighty has promised those He loves. Just read His message left to His Prophets....Long to be with God.
nourradiance nourradiance
36-40, F
Aug 15, 2007