To Be Happy Is...


    To be happy is to be happy with being sad, part of the time.  People has developed all the wrong ideas about happiness, sadness and depression.  It is impossible to be happy all the time.

    If we can accept that life has its ups and downs, then we can face moments of sadness with a dash of happiness.  We can make the best of every moment by gathering up all the courage within us.  Think of a happy moment in the past, and use it to cheer up others who have none to recollect. 

    When the goings get too tough, be positive and say "it will be alright in the end"  not because people just say so.   But because God is up above watching us.  His trials are sent for a reason unbeknownst to us.  He doesn't test us more than we can bear.

              "God puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him. 

               God will grant after hardship, ease." (Quran:65:7)

    And with difficulty comes ease.  The question is when?  We must bear with patience, so that God will redeem us our faults, and draw us closer to Him, to be blessed with His Light of Ultimate Happiness. May God bless us all.


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I like this!

To know happiness you must also know its opposite so that you you can truely appreciate the beauty of the moment. It can be said about anything we veiw being dualistic in nature

Mmh very interesting observation - thanks for the food for thought!

Hi Musee,<br />
<br />
Thanks for the insight. What do you think prevent people from understanding this? Do you think perhaps some of us live such sheltered lives, that it harms us in the end?

hi there - <br />
I agree - We think we should never have a failure or a disappointment or any negative experience - because it makes us unhappy<br />
I wish people understand this early in their lives - saves lot of time to get on with life