My Legacy Is Passed On...

My disasters in life are being passed onto a new bearer: our new designer. He instead has to do full-time admin/sales for another company, go on courses he has had no time to prepare for, and is expected to design and make top quality exhibition materials. He also bought 2 tv's from Finlux on Groupon, which were both dead within 1 day of arriving - and they didn't log his complaint so are claiming he's outside the 7 days.

My goodness has been passed onto my good friend and ex-colleague. He called me a saint tonight, and it made me think - someone reported back after acting on my advice yesterday, and I read it today. I felt like a saint. An angel, sent to suffer for mankind (see other stories). So I deleted the usernames and sent these messages to my ex-colleague. Now he is the only one of my real life friends who truly understands my passtime/hobby: EP.
He is a good person, and I believe he can and possibly will continue that line of wisdom-inducing wonder.
So, that is my legacy.

I guess an element of my randomness is passed on into my partner, soon to be fiance.

Now what? I am ready for the next phase. Whatever form that may come in, I am ready. Scared, but ready. Marriage? Death? Something else? Don't know.

Life feels like but one side of the coin/dice.

cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
31-35, M
May 10, 2012