Girls Turm Me On

i love girls boobs i love to suck boobs and play with boobs i have kissed a few girls and i loved it - i am hoping to meet a girl for a lesbian exprience but just keeping it between us i am not yet ready to tell all think will always be privatex
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8 Responses Jul 3, 2012

I would like to keep private but I am so attracted to girls tities and boobs I want them in my mouth so bad

me too I would luv to play with some boobs **** nipples mm

Did you get a chance yet?

Fancy a chat?

so have you done it yet?

we could have our first experience together

Dont pay attention to the douche bags previous comment. You and I have something in common

go and suck a **** you ******* dike *****

That is so mean!!! What you had hater aide???