I read this in the elite daily's post. Somehow I really believe that long distance relationship is a chance to be on your own without ever having to feel alone. As in long distance, though we may be thousand miles apart, we do know we care for each other. It is the trust the couple mutually share that make the lasting of the relationship. It may take a lot of efforts, but it teaches you on how to learn to love yourself more rather than saying I can't live without "him" or my life will be miserable without your partner around. Especially in 20's+ I think it is worth to try it... This kind of interdependent relationship may be good only if it suits for you. For me, I have realized that I'm that kind of person that needs to be dependent on my partner, so I guess if I found this type relationship I may be able to learn to love independently. Of course there are no guarantees for any type of relationship, I just want to express some thoughts before I go into my real relationship.

My mom always came to my room and talked to me when I feel really stress.. And I remember one day, she sorts of hinting me to go get a boyfriend. Haha. Because she thinks that if I have a boyfriend, I can share my problems to him and will not suffer alone. Again. Long distance would be something good for me.

How I wish I have one gf or bf now but from the bottom of my heart.... I know I'm not ready to give the commitment yet.
It's more like self-denying! Lol. Want a relationship but refuse to have one. Same as the situation that I'm facing too- I want a gf but I wish to have a bf.

P/s: tell me what you think about long distance relationship even though you don't have any or you're having it one now or you had before.
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Well, my experience about having a LDR is that ofcourse physically you can't even touch her/ him. The different timezone might be added to the list but the hardest part is when you missing them. The way you can't express your feelings to.
But still, the good thing is..having a LDR decrease your loneliness :'3
At least you won't feel alone when you need someone to talk to x'D

Well it depends :) every coin has two sides
A good thing is
Having a long distance relationship is just like any other relationship and it's better we can manage it , even when we are having a busy life


The demerit is , no physical connection plus an initial fear or doubt on wheter the person Whum we are talking is real or not

Yeah, agree. It does depends on the situation. However, some people just wish to be loved by someone without even know if the person is real or not. If you watch "Her", you might get what I mean.
Of course without the physical contact does demerit the relationship but you won't be not seeing each other forever. One day the long distance couple will meet up and end up moving in together. :)

All in all, that's why I said this relationship only good to have it in 20's. There's no right or wrong instead it's worth it or not.

I was just throwing the various perspectives :) no offence though

And I totally agree to ur ideologies s

By no means I am defending too. I'm just sharing. :) thanks for the response. ;)

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