Why The Women Online Are So Fake...

Going online dating supposed to b easy for honest pple who truly want to b in a relationship...But every I go online dating site a woman appears to be fake... . When she really wants a sugar daddy to get her pregnant n to collect social benefits. So if it's not true, why I can 't find my soulmate online dating sites.
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2013

If you message them with the filth you messaged me, I am really not suprised. It may amaze you but women want respect as apposed to be spoken to instantly in a sexual manner. - just abit of kind advice for you! I think you need it.

thats too bad I still think online dating leaves much to be desired although I am not speaking for experience about online dating Im just saying to bump into someone or at school etd is so much better

I want something that is romantic.. a relationship with a woman I can grow old with n way h my kid(s) grow .