Really, I Think It'd Be Fun.

My wife and I have talked about this a lot.  We have an imaginary invitation list.  When we see someone we think is sexy, we say to each other, "He's on the list," or "she's on the list," or "They're on the list."  

We also put celebrities on the list.  The first two were George Clooney and Halle Berry.  We're not that fussy, though... our list has gotten very long.  Maybe someday we'll actually throw a party and see who shows up.  The problem is that our friends don't seem to be too interested in public sex/nudity.  I suspect we just haven't met the right friends yet.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

I wonder how many people don't like to admit it to their friends because they're not sure how they might react. I doubt that any of my friends know just how much I enjoy nudity and saunas and hot tubs and massage and stuff. Perhaps there are some kindred souls among my friends, but I'm scared to ask.