Great Idea, Kitten!

I also hate them for all the same reasons. And well.... cause I enjoy showing-off, too. But , that's a different story. Great idea...but with one little twist. We should have the NGBD once a week, say maybe on Fridays (you know...leading into the weekend). Even though my "go braless day" is mostly everyday, having an official NGBD every week would be kinda fun. Well, certainly interesting. Let's do it!!! Kristi
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9 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I will make national go braless day part of my campaign platform.

Great day

I will be a huge supportor. I love boobies.

maybe everyday would be good for no-bra day.

Its like no panty friday and sure we can also observe no bra friday. LoL.

If I were elected president of the NGBD movement, I would start an entire website devoted to women who go braless. Oh wait, that's right, it's already been done. Well how 'bout a magazine. Ya' know that's probably been done too. Well, just vote for me. I'll do something.

O.K.!!! This is what we need - more volunteers. Report back with your 'observations', vtom. And we certainly don't want any cheaters, coyote.

I could be an official observer :)

That's great, Coyote. We need all the support < support? :) > we can get.